The Turkish government uses internet censorship as a means to control its citizens. Social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter are regularly blocked, as are news media and opposition party sites. ISPs are forced to collect and keep IP logs. The only way to get around these strict censorship laws is with a VPN. Read on to find out the best VPN for Turkey, as well as how to install and use it.

Turkish authorities maintain tight control on what their citizens can and cannot do online.

According to Engelliweb, more than 408,000 websites had been blocked by 2019. Authorities force ISPs to block domains that contain “unacceptable” content with a wide selection of keywords.

130,000 URLs, 7,000 Twitter accounts, 40,000 Tweets, more than 10,000 YouTube videos and more than 6,000 Facebook posts were reported as blocked in the same report.

Human rights activists have gone on record protesting these bans, but the noose continues to tighten. Each year, more websites, social media posts and URLs join the list of banned online content.

The government also bans access to certain sites whenever it’s convenient. Whenever there are anti-government protests, for example, access to social media sites is restricted for hours or days.

How did one of the most multicultural, multiethnic and cosmopolitan societies in Europe get here?

A Brief History of Internet Censorship in Turkey

Turkey did not start censoring the internet until 2001. Until then, there were no laws that dictated what one could access online.

Problems started in 2002 when the government established the Supreme Board of Radio and Television and Press Code in a bid to quash political dissent. Although it was meant to supervise radio and TV media, it had the power to censor internet content.

In 2007, the parliament passed Law 5651 or “Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Suppression of Crimes Committed by means of Such Publication” (yes, that’s really what it’s called) to remove defamatory videos of the country’s founder.

Other concerns included child pornography, obscenity, Satanist content, information about suicide, illegal substances and content deemed inappropriate for children.

Since then the number of blocked websites, social media posts and URLs has increased year after year.


The current president uses the internet as a tool to suppress dissent, and many a journalist, politicians and even private citizens have been jailed for expressing opinions online.

Although there is no law against VPN services in Turkey, many are now banned and are impossible to access within the country.

This post will tell you how you can download and install a VPN without detection as well as the best VPNs for Turkey.

Why Use a VPN in Turkey?

You need a VPN provider for Turkey because, without it, you don’t have access to certain sites.

The government has made concerted efforts to make sure that online platforms comply. Recently, it passed a law requiring social media companies to have a physical presence in the country…

By having offices in Turkey they would have to conform to Turkish law, which means that if, for example, they are asked to hand over user data they have to comply.

With more than 65 million active internet users, many companies are reluctant to go against the government’s wishes.


A Turkey VPN ensures that you can get around all forms of censorship and access the content you want when you want.

Here are some of the things you can do with a VPN in Turkey:

  • Bypass government censorship

In countries that experience censorship such as Turkey, citizens invest in VPN services so that they can have unfettered access to the internet. If you buy the best VPN for Turkey you can access any site you want at any time.


You’ll be able to visit social media sites, news bulletin websites, websites critical of the government, banned URLs and any other content you may wish to access.

A VPN provider obfuscates your location and identity, so you never have to worry about the government finding out what you do online.

Each time you go online with a VPN it hides your Turkish IP address and you are assigned a new one in the country where your chosen server is located.

It also encrypts your data so that if anyone is spying on you, all they see is a jumble of letters and numbers.

A VPN gives you the freedom to visit websites without fear of recriminations.

  • Stream TV movies and shows

Research shows that most people who buy a VPN are primarily interested in using it for streaming TV content.


If you have virtual private network software you can watch shows and movies from platforms like Netflix, HBO, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, ESPN, BBC iPlayer and many more.

A VPN for Turkey gives you access to local TV as well as news websites like CNN, BBC, DW and VOA.

  • Avoid bandwidth throttling

In 2016, a report in the Washington Times reported that an attempted coup in Turkey had led to bandwidth throttling but that didn’t slow down Turks; they found ways to get around the slowdowns and they shared information as the insurgency unfolded.

In another report by Reuters, Turkey has become one of the most aggressive countries in using bandwidth throttling to control access to the internet.


If you invest in the best VPN for Turkey you never have to worry about bandwidth throttling. Your ISP cannot see your location or online activity so they have no reason to limit the amount of data you use or your internet speed.

  • Torrent files

Torrenting is important because it allows users to exchange files fast, efficiently and without fear of consequences.


A lot of people get TV shows and movies by torrenting, and it’s also used to download business files, books and any files that may be difficult to obtain due to fear of copyright infringement.

VPN connections hide your location and the URLs you visit so you can torrent safely.

You need a VPN provider with high internet connection speeds if you’ll be torrenting large files, TV series and movies.

  • Stay safe when you use Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is one of the most vulnerable points of connection. Hackers and other malicious entities use Wi-Fi networks to penetrate devices and steal personal information.


If you have been using the internet at your local café or library without a VPN, it’s a matter of time before you get hacked.

VPN connections eliminate the risk of getting hacked and losing your personal and financial information. You can shop, bank and visit any website on any Wi-Fi connection without fear.

  • Bypass closed networks

Lots of schools and colleges have closed network systems that prevent students from accessing certain sites. YouTube is one of the sites commonly targeted in educational institutions.

If you have a VPN you’ll be under no restrictions. You can visit any website and any time without being detected,

A VPN is the best way to bypass these networks.


How to Use a VPN in Turkey

Here’s what you need to do to get a VPN working in Turkey:

Step 1: Sign up with a VPN service

Any of the ones discussed in this post will do. Visit the website, register and choose a package that suits you.

Pay for it and then download the software onto your device.

Step 2: Clear your cache

Your ISP knows your IP address, so you should clear cookies before you go any further. It erases your IP address from your ISP and websites you may have previously visited.

Step 3: Click “Connect”

Open the VPN app and hit the “Connect” button. You’ll immediately be asked to choose a server. Alternatively, you can let the VPN assign you an ideal server.

We recommend that you choose a server yourself. It should be outside Turkey so that anyone looking at your internet traffic thinks you’re in another country.

Step 4: Go online

You can now visit any website and no one will be able to trace your location or the sites you visit.

We mentioned earlier that some VPNs have been banned in Turkey, so how do you find one to install in the first place?

Turkey isn’t the only country that suffers censorship and has blocked VPN sites… To get access to virtual private network software, there are certain things you can do:

  • You can use an app like Psiphon which gives you access to any website. However, remember that such apps are only able to bypass geoblocks and not much more. Government censors, if they came looking, can find a footprint of your online activity.
  • You can ask someone outside Turkey to buy a VPN and send you the login credentials.
  • If you are traveling to Turkey, download and install a VPN on all your devices before you arrive.

The 4 Best VPNs for Turkey

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There are many reasons why we like Surfshark as one of the best VPNs for Turkey. It is one of the fastest VPNs, is secure and excellent for bypassing geoblocks.

Surfshark has a wide server network with servers in many countries around the world. This makes for fast connection speeds that allow for streaming services and gaming without lags.

It is a highly secure VPN that uses 256-bit AES encryption among other security features. It has Chrome and Firefox extensions and works for Windows, Android, iOS, macOS and Linux.

One of the best things about Surfshark is that it offers unlimited simultaneous connections. This means that for a single license you can connect as many devices as you want at the same time.

The VPN has a nice user interface and is easy to install and use. It comes with detailed installation instructions for routers and it is well supported.

It a fast VPN; use it to stream and game without lagsThere isn't a 1-year subscription and the 1-month subscription is expensive
Use it to watch Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO, Amazon Prime, ESPN and many othersThe Mac app lacks the full range of features
The company has servers in Cyprus, Greece and several nearby countriesAdvanced users may find it rather basic
It has a nice UI and is easy to use Some servers are slow
You get unlimited simultaneous connections
The company has a strict no-logs policy
The VPN has lots of security features including 256-bit AES encryption, a kill switch and DNS leak protection
It is a budget-friendly VPN especially if you choose the long-term plans
3,200+ servers across the world
The company is in Netherlands
You get a 30-day money-back guarantee

Visit Surfshark Now

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NordVPN is considered one of the best VPNs in the world and works quite well for Turkey. It has well-designed apps that are easy to install and use, and its vast server network affords users fast speeds.

The VPN comes with enhanced privacy features like Onion Over VPN, Nordlynx, CyberSec and Double VPN to obfuscate internet traffic.

This VPN has one of the biggest server networks in the industry. Because of this users enjoy fast speeds and they can connect to and from most parts of the world.

You can use it to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, HBO, ESP and many other streaming services. It also works for websites like Cine5, Kanal D, Uçankuş TV, Kanal 7 and Beyaz TV.

The VPN works for Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Firestick, Linux and smart TVs.

It is a fast service that you can use to stream and gameUsing the double-encryption feature sometimes slows down connections
The VPN works well for Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, ESPN and many more and you get unlimited bandwidthIt is expensive compared to others with similar features
It is an excellent choice for bypassing geoblocksSome servers are slow
The company has servers in Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus and IsraelAdvanced users tend to find it rather basic
Security features include AES-256 bit military-grade encryption and it has DNS leak protection and a kill switch
The company has a strict no-logs policy
Apps are well-designed and easy-to-use
It comes with detailed installation instructions for different platforms
The company has 5,400+ servers
It is in Panama City, Panama
You get a 30-day money-back guarantee

Visit NordVPN Now

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This VPN, although small, has worked hard to establish a solid reputation in the industry. It works just as well as others in this list although it has fewer servers.

VyprVPN is secure; in addition to 256-bit AES encryption, it also uses Chameleon Protocol and has DNS protection and a kill switch.

This VPN is unique in the sense that it owns and manages its servers. This allows for excellent support with little downtime.

It works quite well for Turkey because it is excellent for bypassing geoblocks. You can use it to watch local and other TV stations, and the fast speeds allow for gaming without lags.

You can use it to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus, HBO, ESPN and many others.

It is a fast VPNIt has a a rather small server network
You can use it to stream and gameThe software is rather difficult to install on some routers
It provides access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, HBO and many other streaming servicesIt doesn't come with very detailed installation guides
The company has servers in Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece and IsraelSome servers are slow
It is a secure VPN that uses AES-256 bit military-grade encryption, a kill switch and DNS leak protection
The company manages its servers in-house
It has a strict no-logs policy
You can use it on Windows, Android, iOS, macOS and Linux
It has more than 700 servers
The company is in Switzerland
You get a 30-day money-back guarantee

Visit VyprVPN Now

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This is one of the best VPNs for Turkey and already has a wide user base. It is also one of the biggest VPNs, with thousands of obfuscated servers in multiple locations around the world.

ExpressVPN has obfuscated servers in Istanbul, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Greece as well as Israel. The software uses AES-256 military-grade protection and also has DNS leak protection and a kill switch.

It remains a fast service that you can use for gaming and streaming and is recommended for those who want to watch shows and movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, BBC iPlayer, ESPN and many other streaming platforms.

It has one major drawback though; compared to others here it is rather expensive.

The service is fast; ideal for gaming and streamingIt is expensive – others with similar features cost less
You can use it to watch Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime and many othersThe service lacks advanced features for power users
It is excellent for bypassing geoblocksMobile apps could do with some improvements
The company has servers in the region (Cyprus, Bulgaria, Greece and Israel)Some servers are slow
It has a strict no-logs policy
You get a nice user interface and the software is easy to install and use
Security features include AES-256 military-grade encryption, a kill switch and DNS leak protection
The company has 3,000+ servers
It is in the British Virgin Islands
You get a 30-day money-back guarantee

Visit ExpressVPN Now


  • Can I use a free VPN in Turkey?

You can, but we don’t advise it. Free VPNs don’t use the latest security technology and user details often leak. They also sell user data.

Another reason why a free VPN for Turkey isn’t a good idea is that they often come with data caps and slow speeds. If you want to stream, game or torrent you won’t get very far.

  • How to get a Turkey IP address?

Use the process described above; find and download a VPN and then install it, log in and choose a server. The server will automatically assign you a new IP address.

  • What is the best VPN for Turkey?

All the ones discussed in this post work well, but you can cast your net wider. You can read about the best VPNs in the market here… Ideally, choose one that uses the best security protocols, is fast and doesn’t keep user logs.


A Turkey VPN is the only way to ensure that government-imposed censorship. You’ll be able to visit any website without worrying about repercussions.

The best VPN for Turkey is a secure one; at the very least it should use AES-256 bit military-grade encryption, and have a kill switch and DNS leak protection. It should also be fast, good for bypassing geoblocks and allows streaming from as many platforms as possible.