If you’re keen on a free VPN you may as well go with the one provided by Opera. This detailed guide tells you how to use Opera VPN and what you need to know about it before you install it.

Free VPNs are hardly the best option for anyone looking to secure sensitive data on their devices. Most of them slow down internet speeds, display unwanted ads, and it is common business practice for them to sell user data; that’s how they make their money.

However, not everyone is willing to pay for a VPN. Some users just want to stream Netflix, while others are looking to be anonymous only when they visit certain sites. Hence the popularity of free services like Opera VPN.

Opera VPN is not technically a VPN; it does very little of what an actual VPN does. But if you want to stream Netflix or enjoy basic anonymity when you visit a certain website, it works.

It’s not difficult to learn how to use Opera VPN; it is much easier than using a paid VPN because all you need to do is install the browser and turn on the virtual private network.

This guide will take you through the steps, tell you the pros and cons of this VPN and also tell you about the best VPNs in the market today.

What is Opera VPN?

Opera VPN is a VPN that comes with Opera, the browser. The Opera browser is available for all common platforms including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux. It is a good alternative to common browsers like Chrome and Firefox, so if you’re not happy with your current VPN you may want to try it.

This browser has a few things going for it. It has a clean user interface, is free and works on just about any device.

The browser comes with different options for different devices. Opera Mini is designed for mobile devices, Opera Coast is for iPhones, Opera Max is made for Android devices and Opera web browser is made for Android, PC, Mac and Linux.

All these versions of the browser come with an in-built VPN.


Opera VPN is completely free, and after you download the browser all you have to do is turn it on (more details on this below). It routes your data between the browser and Opera servers. This means that any data that doesn’t go through the browser IS NOT protected by the VPN.

So, for example, if you install the browser, but decide to use Chrome to access a website, you enjoy no protection at all.

Unlike paid VPNs that have thousands of server locations, Opera VPN has only three, and the company is vague about exactly where your data is routed. All they tell you is that you have a choice of 3 servers – Europe, the Americas and Asia.

This VPN is also devoid of features that are common to paid virtual private networks. It works more as a secure proxy that protects traffic using HTTPS. It doesn’t protect data from apps you’ve installed on your device, and it isn’t very good at sensing threats.

But, as we said earlier, it works for some things and that’s why many users choose it. It is quite good for streaming Netflix. You can also use it when you want to visit certain sites anonymously.

Below, you’ll learn how to turn on Opera VPN. The same method works for how to use Opera VPN on Android.


How to Use Opera VPN

  • The first thing you need to do is download the Opera browser onto your device using this link. Click “Download”, open the file and then click “Install”.

After installation is complete, the browser opens automatically.

  • On the upper right hand of the browser, there’s a “Settings” tab. Click on it and then scroll to the bottom. You’ll see “Go To Full Browser Settings”. Click on it.
  • It takes you to another settings page at the bottom of which you’ll see a tab written “Advanced”. Click on it.
  • It takes you to the “VPN Settings”. Turn it on.
  • Right next to the URL tab on your screen, you’ll see “VPN”. Click on it and turn it on.
  • You’ll see a notification that says “VPN Connected”. You can now choose a server to connect through. There are 3 options: Americas, Europe and Asia. Choose one and if you aren’t happy with the connection, change to another.

You’re now connected through Opera VPN, and all traffic that comes through the Opera browser is encrypted and anonymous.


How to Stream With Opera VPN

You’ll not be able to connect to most streaming services using this VPN, but it is quite good for Netflix, and quite easy to use. For that alone, you may want to learn how to use VPN on Opera.

After you’ve selected a server, you can go to the Netflix website and start streaming. Keep in mind you’ll need to have an active Netflix subscription.


Why Paid VPNs Are Better Than Opera VPN

If you can watch Netflix and get basic anonymity by learning how to enable Opera VPN, why should you bother with a paid VPN? Because although it can do these things, it has some serious drawbacks when it comes to privacy and security.


Opera VPN Pros

  • It is free.
  • You can browse privately so long as you’re using the Opera browser.
  • It reduces tracking; we’re not sure how much, but it seems to prevent trackers.
  • It’s easy to use – install the browser and activate the VPN and you’re good to go.
  • It encrypts traffic.
  • You can use it to stream Netflix.

Opera VPN Cons

  • It only works within the browser. All other traffic outside the browser as well as your apps and other programs aren’t protected.
  • Speeds are decent, but they can be slow because of overcrowded servers.
  • You have very little choice when it comes to servers – you can only choose from 3 broad locations.
  • You can stream Netflix but not much else.
  • The company logs user details.
  • It isn’t well supported.

Top 4 Best VPNs

Opera VPN isn’t the best choice for anyone interested in serious security and anonymity. What are your options?

If you are serious about data privacy and streaming from a variety of platforms, there are paid VPNs that are worth every dime.

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Surfshark is always at the top of our list because it has so much going for it. Apart from being one of the cheapest VPNs in the market, it allows for unlimited simultaneous connections, so you can connect all your devices with just one license.

This makes it an excellent choice for a home office, home entertainment and it’s an excellent option to protect all devices without the need for a router.

This VPN uses the strongest encryption protocols available today and although it has a smaller server network than other big VPNs, it offers users excellent speeds and you can use it to stream from all top streaming platforms.

It is fast and affordableIts privacy policy isn't as detailed as some users would like
It uses the best data encryption protocols and has lots of security featuresIt doesn't offer a one-year subscription plan
You can use it to connect unlimited devices
The company is located in the British Virgin Islands
The service has 3,200+ servers
You can use it to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, BBC iPlayer and others
You get a 30-day money-back guarantee

Visit Surfshark Now

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This VPN is big in the industry. It is known for fast speeds, excellent security and good encryption.

Apart from protecting your devices and keeping your sensitive data safe, this VPN is also great for streaming. You can use it to watch shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, Disney Plus and many others. Advanced users can use the dedicated IP option.

It offers fast speeds because it has a vast server networkYou can torrent on only a handful of servers
The VPN uses top-notch encryption protocols and has a host of security featuresSome servers in Asia are slow
It has a nice UX and is easy to use
It is well supported
You can use it to stream from a variety of platforms including Netflix and HBO Max
It works well for gaming devices
You can connect six devices simultaneously
The company is located in Panama City
It has 5,200+ servers
You get a 30-day money-back guarantee

Visit NordVPN Now

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This VPN is different from others because it maintains its servers. This means users rarely experience downtime, and although it has a small server network, users get fast speeds.

It uses AES-256 encryption and has a host of additional security features to keep your data and devices secure.

The other thing that makes this VPN unique is that it has been publicly audited, so users enjoy a high degree of transparency from the company.

It has fast connectionsIt has a comparatively small server network
The VPN uses the best encryption protocols and has excellent security featuresSome servers are slow
It has native apps for a variety of devices
You get very little downtime as servers are maintained in-house
It has about 700 servers
The company is located in Switzerland
You get a 30-day money-back guarantee

Visit VyprVPN Now

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ExpressVPN is a top-ranked VPN with a wide server network. It is easy to install and use, and generally gets good reviews for user experience.

The VPN is fast and secure, with AES-256 encryption and a host of other security features.

Its wide server network means you can use it from almost anywhere in the world, and it is an excellent option for those looking to stream content.

It's one of the fastest VPNs in the marketYou get only 5 simultaneous connections
It is very secure with AES-256 encryption and lots of other security featuresIt is expensive compared to others with similar capabilities
It works on a wide range of devices
The service has a wide server network
You can use it to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO and others
The 12-month plan comes with cloud backup
You get a 30-day money-back guarantee

Visit ExpressVPN Now


  • Does Opera VPN work with Netflix?

Yes, it does, and that’s one reason why some people are using it.

However, always remember that Netflix and other streaming platforms are always working to block VPNs and proxy connections, so sometimes you’ll not be able to connect.

If this happens you can try connecting through a different server location.

  • Does Opera VPN keep user logs?

Not according to their privacy policy which states that “When you use our built-in VPN service, we do not log any information related to your browsing activity and originating network address.”

However, this may not mean much because Opera, the browser, monitors user activity and collects data.

  • Why is Opera VPN slow?

Because it has only three server locations, and many times they are congested.

If you want a fast VPN you can try Surfshark or any of the others discussed in this post.


Unlike dedicated VPNs, Opera VPN is easy to connect and use. All you have to do is install the browser and turn on the VPN.

Learning how to use Opera VPN will NOT keep your data and devices safe. It does very little of what a standalone VPN does. You can use it to stream Netflix, but you aren’t guaranteed a steady, fast connection.

If you want to be secure each time you go online, have access to streaming sites and protect your online identity, we suggest you choose a proper VPN, like Surfshark, NordVPN or ExpressVPN.