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You can do so much more with your Nintendo Switch Gaming Console if you install VPN software on it. But which one works best and offers the best value for money? Read on to find the best VPNs for Nintendo Switch, and how to install and get them working.

In 2018, the Nintendo Switch became the fastest-selling gaming console of all time. In just 4 years, the company has sold almost 100 million units that provide users access to more than 4,300 games including The Legend of Zelda, Mario, Pokémon and Animal Crossing.

For most who buy the Nintendo Switch, what makes it preferable is that it is a hybrid console. It has a screen, and you can take it with you and play whenever you want. At home, you can quickly connect it to your television and enjoy gaming on a bigger screen.

But cool as this gaming console may be, it comes with some limitations. The number of users is currently estimated at a little more than 10 million, and this often means overcrowded servers.

Players experience lag problems when they connect to the server closest to their location. Although game cards aren’t geoblocked, players are limited when it comes to what stores they can access for a bigger game collection.

This gaming console is also prone to malicious attacks, and players have sometimes had to deal with DDoS attacks.

You can get around all these issues if you have a VPN on Nintendo Switch.

There are many VPNs in the market, and for the novice the question usually is, what is the best VPN for Nintendo Switch?

This post will tell you about 4 VPNs that come recommended for this gaming console and how to install them and get them to work. But first, let’s see exactly what a VPN will do for your Nintendo Switch.

Why Use a VPN For Nintendo Switch?

The best VPNs cost money, so why should you bother? Will a Nintendo Switch VPN make a difference to your gaming? Unfortunately, what you can do with a Nintendo Switch depends on what country you’re in.

Some games may not be available where you live, and to access stores in other countries you need to set up an account for each country.

VPNs for Nintendo Switch get around these restrictions, making your gaming console more versatile.

Here are other reasons why smart gamers are connecting their gaming consoles through a virtual private network:

  • It reduces ping and lag – this is possibly the best reason to use a VPN whether you are a casual or avid gamer. Extended lag and slow ping times will slow down your game and you may not enjoy the experience very much. This is especially important for those who love multiplayer games.
VPN-for-Nintendo-Switch - Reduce-Ping
  • A VPN gives you access to foreign servers – most players who use a VPN on Nintendo Switch want to access Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon 2, but a VPN gives you access to any foreign server and a much wider variety of games to choose from.
  • You get protection from attacks – DDoS attacks aren’t uncommon, and they slow down your console and your internet connection. They can also cost you games or lead to ejection from your favorite games. A VPN protects you from most online attacks because when you connect through it your IP address is hidden and no one can see who you are or where you are.
VPN-for-Nintendo-Switch - DDoS-Protection
  • You can bypass ISP restrictions – some service providers restrict your bandwidth when they realize you use it to play online games. They can also cap your usage, and after some time you’re not able to continue playing. A VPN connection gives you anonymity and your ISP can’t see what you’re doing online, so they cannot restrict your bandwidth.
  • Better speeds – not only do you get to play without lags, but you can also download and update games much faster.
  • Get games when they are released – sometimes newly-released games are restricted to some regions. A VPN connection is a great way to ensure that you get games immediately after they are released because it gives you access to game servers in all regions.
  • You can bypass georestrictions – in some countries gaming is restricted. You may have the Nintendo Switch console but not be able to do much with it. VPNs for Nintendo Switch can help you bypass any restrictions and gain access to all games.
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How to Use a VPN For Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch doesn’t support native apps for VPNs, so installation requires a little bit of a process.

There are three ways you can do it:

  • You can set up a VPN on a router and connect your Nintendo Switch to the router
  • You can share a Wi-Fi connection from a PC or laptop
  • Alternatively, you can set up a DNS connection
  • Setting up a VPN for Nintendo Switch on a router

1. Setting up a VPN For Nintendo Switch on a Router

At first glance, this looks a little complicated, but if you follow the steps you should be able to install a VPN on your Nintendo Switch successfully.

Of the three methods listed above, this is the one we recommend because once you install a VPN on a router, you can connect as many devices as you want to it and they’ll all enjoy VPN protection.

  • Buy a router that’s VPN compatible. Not all routers support VPNs, so you need to do a little research to find one that does. Subscribe to a good VPN (any of the ones in this post will do).
VPN-for-Nintendo-Switch - Recommended-Router
  • Some routers come already preconfigured, and although they cost more they save you the headache of going through the configuration steps.
  • If you buy one that isn’t preconfigured, make sure it comes with a detailed guide on how to configure it.
  • Launch the DD-WRT control panel. Click on the “Basic Setup” tab.
  • You’ll see “Connection Type” and a dropdown menu beneath it. Choose the PPTP protocol.
VPN-for-Nintendo-Switch - DDWRT-Control-Panel
  • Check to make sure that the “Use DHCP” feature says “Yes”.
  • Enter the VPN address server in “Gateway PPTP Server”.
VPN-for-Nintendo-Switch - Gateway-PPTP-Server
  • Enter your user credentials and then make sure that under “DHCP Server” it says “Enabled”.
  • Click on “Apply Settings” and then on “Save”.
  • Go back to “WAN” and click “Connect”.
VPN-for-Nintendo-Switch - DDWRT-Apply-Settings
  • The VPN is now installed on your router, and when you connect your Nintendo Switch to the router, it will be anonymous, and you can access all servers from all regions.

Note: This is a very general method, and it may not work for all routers. The best VPNs have installation guides for different types of routers.


2. How to Share a Wi-Fi Connection From PC

The method you use will depend on whether you have a Windows PC or a Mac.

How to Install a VPN on Windows

  • Subscribe to a good VPN, one that works well on Windows.
  • Download and install it and then log in and choose a server.
VPN-for-Nintendo-Switch - VPN-Setup
  • Right-click on the Windows button on your PC and then choose “Network Connection”.
VPN-for-Nintendo-Switch - Network-Connections
  • A list will appear. Choose “Mobile Hotspot” and turn it on.
  • Edit the name of the hotspot by clicking “Edit”.
  • After that, you should click on “Ethernet” and then “Change Adapter Options”.
VPN-for-Nintendo-Switch - Change-Adapter-Options
  • Look for the VPN connection and right-click on it, and then choose “Properties”.
VPN-for-Nintendo-Switch - Properties
  • You’ll see a “Sharing” tab. Click on “Allow Other Network Users to Connect”.
VPN-for-Nintendo-Switch - Allow-Other-Network-Users
  • Go to “Network Connections” and choose a connection for your Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Your Wi-Fi connection is now protected by the VPN.
  • Connect your Nintendo switch to that hotspot by opening “Home Menu” on the Switch.
VPN-for-Nintendo-Switch - Home-Menu
  • Select “Internet Settings”. The gaming console will scan nearby Wi-Fi connections; choose the name that you just created and click “Connect”.
VPN-for-Nintendo-Switch - Connect-To-Network

How to Install a VPN on Mac

  • Subscribe to a VPN and then download, install and log in. Choose a server and connect.
  • On your Mac, open “System Preferences” and choose “Sharing”.
VPN-for-Nintendo-Switch - System-Prefernces-Sharing
  • A menu will appear; on it, choose “Internet Sharing”.
VPN-for-Nintendo-Switch - Mac-Sharing
  • Connect the Mac device to your Wi-Fi router and then choose “Ethernet”. In case you’re wondering why you need to connect using an Ethernet cable, it’s because Mac devices cannot receive and emit a Wi-Fi signal at the same time.
  • Under the “Sharing” tab, select “Internet Sharing” and then on the small dialog box on the right, select “Wi-Fi”.
VPN-for-Nintendo-Switch - Internet-Sharing
  • Click the “Wi-Fi” option and fill out the details required for this section.
  • Click on “Internet Sharing” on the box to the right of your screen to turn on the hotspot.
  • Turn on the Nintendo Switch, go to “Home Menu”, choose “Internet Settings” and then search for your hotspot and connect it.
VPN-for-Nintendo-Switch - Home-Menu
  • Your Switch is now connected to the VPN and you can game securely.

3. How to Setup a Smart DNS Connection

  • Buy and install a VPN. Log in and then go to “Settings”.
  • There, you’ll see “Smart DNS”. Click “Activate”.
VPN-for-Nintendo-Switch - Smart-DNS
  • Turn on the Nintendo Switch and go to “Home Menu”.
VPN-for-Nintendo-Switch - Home-Menu
  • Click on “Internet” and then on “Internet Settings”. It allows the console to search for nearby Wi-Fi connections.
VPN-for-Nintendo-Switch - Wifi-Internet Settings
  • Choose a Wi-Fi connection and click on “Change Settings”.
  • Then go to “DNS Settings” and select “Manual”.
  • Delete the numbers that appear under “Primary DNS” and “Secondary DNS”.
VPN-for-Nintendo-Switch - DNS-Settings
  • Enter the number provided by the DNS proxy service.
  • Your Nintendo Switch is now connected through a Smart DNS connection.

Note: A Smart DNS connection may help you access blocked sites, but it doesn’t encrypt traffic, so what you’re doing is visible to snoops.

The 4 Best VPNs For Nintendo Switch

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VPN-For-Hulu - Surfshark

Many users choose Surfshark because it is fast, affordable and comes with unlimited simultaneous connections. This VPN has thousands of servers spread all over the globe, and it provides a reliable and secure service.

It is fast, and you’ll enjoy games without lag problemsSome servers are slow
It is compatible with most routers and comes with detailed installation instructionsYou have to enable the kill switch manually
It has unlimited simultaneous connections and you can use it to unblock streaming sites
It comes with the best security features in the industry
The company doesn’t keep user logs
It is excellent for bypassing geo-restrictions
3,200+ servers
Based in The British Virgin Islands
It’s affordable and you get a 30-day money-back guarantee

Visit Surfshark Now

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VPN-For-Torrenting - NordVPN

Just like Surfshark, this VPN is fast and works well with routers. It comes with detailed installation guides for the most commonly used ones. The company has thousands of servers located on all continents and has top-notch encryption.

It is fast; it’s one of the fastest in the marketSome servers can be slow
It is compatible with common routersYou can only connect 6 devices at once
Some routers come pre-configured with this VPN
You can use it to unblock most streaming services
The company doesn’t keep user logs
It has lots of additional security features to maintain user privacy
5,200+ servers
Based in Panama
You get a 30-day money-back guarantee

Visit NordVPN Now

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VPN-For-Torrenting - VyprVPN

VyprVPN is unique; although it doesn’t have a very large server network, it maintains excellent speeds and security. This is because all servers are managed in-house. The service is reliable and provides excellent customer support.

It is fast and you can game without lagsSome feel the company isn’t very transparent
The company provides detailed installation instructions for routersYou can only connect 5 devices at once
The service uses the best security standards to keep clients safe
It also uses top-notch encryption and there is no threat of data leaks
The service is well-supported
700+ servers
Based in Switzerland
You get a 30-day, money-back guarantee

Visit VyprVPN Now

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ExpressVPN - Home

This VPN provides two options to protect your Nintendo Switch; you can load it on your router or use MediaStreamer, the Smart DNS service.

The service is fast and the company maintains a huge fleet of servers across the globe. It uses the best security and encryption protocols and is well supported.

It is fast and secureIt is expensive
Some routers come preconfigured with ExpressVPNYou can only connect 5 devices simultaneously
It has a nice user interface and is easy to use
Strong security keeps you safe while you game
You can use it to watch shows and movies from most streaming platforms
3,000+ servers
Based in the British Virgin Islands
It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Visit ExpressVPN Now


  • Can you use a VPN on Nintendo Switch?

People also ask, “How to use a VPN on Nintendo Switch?” The answer is yes, you can, and should use a VPN for Nintendo Switch. It gives you access to more gaming servers and also keeps you safe from online attacks.

However, not all VPNs work for Nintendo Switch. The best ones are fast, use tight encryption protocols and have a wide server base. Choose a VPN that also allows you to stream content from platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, Disney Plus and others.

  • Can I use a free VPN for Nintendo Switch?

Yes, you can, but we don’t recommend it. Free VPNs almost always have limitations. They are often slow, have bandwidth caps, aren’t very secure and they collect and sell user information.

  • What VPN is fastest?

VPN speeds are not constant, so it's hard to say definitively which one is fastest. However, some are known to provide fast speeds consistently on most servers, like the ones discussed in this post.


Your Nintendo Switch is an excellent hybrid gaming device that you can use wherever you are. Take yours to the next level by installing a VPN on it.

The best VPNs for Nintendo Switch will give you access to more gaming servers, access to games in other languages and countries and will also keep you safe from DDoS and other attacks.

The Best Nintendo Switch VPN in 2022

VPNWorks With RoutersNo-Logs PolicyNo. Of ServersNo. Of ConnectionsSupportPricing (Monthly)
SurfsharkYesStrict3,200+ serversUnlimited24/7 Live Chat, Email & Knowledge Desk$12.95
NordVPNYesStrict5,200+ servers6 Connections24/7 Live Chat, Email & Knowledge Desk$11.95
VyprVPNYesStrict700+ servers5 Connections24/7 Live Chat, Email & Knowledge Desk$15.00
ExpressVPNYesStrict3,000+ servers5 Connections24/7 Live Chat, Email & Knowledge Desk$12.95
IPVanishYesStrict2,000+ serversUnlimited24/7 Support Email & Knowledge Desk$10.99
CyberGhostYesStrict6,000+ servers7 Connections24/7 Live Chat, Email & Knowledge Desk$12.99