VPN for PS5

Connecting your PS5 to a VPN has many advantages; you can connect to more gaming servers, avoid DDoS attacks, get around geoblocks and more. But what is the best VPN for PS5 and how do you install it and get it to work? Read on to find out how you can boost your gaming experience.

The Sony PlayStation 5 is a gaming masterpiece. It’s the most powerful PS console that Sony has ever made, it comes with a high-speed SSD hard drive for lightning-fast downloads and it has 3D audio and so much more.

And yet, even with such advanced technical specs, there is only so much you can do with this gaming console.

If you are in a geoblocked region, for example, it doesn’t grant you access. You are not safe from DDoS attacks, you don’t have access to streaming platforms and some international gaming servers may be inaccessible to you.

A VPN is one way to enhance your PlayStation 5 and ensure that it can do all these things and more.

Some gamers use a PS5 VPN so that they can game in anonymity; others want to be able to game with players from different regions of the world while some use a virtual private network to stay safe from attacks.

Whatever your reason for choosing a VPN for PS5, the overall effect is a richer gaming experience and advanced entertainment options in your home.

There are many VPNs in the market, and choosing the right one for your PlayStation can be confusing. To make things easier for you, we tested the most popular, and out of those we picked the best 4.

But before we look at the best PlayStation 5 VPN, let’s have a look at why you should have one, and how to install and get it to work.

Why Use a VPN For PlayStation 5?

Your PS5 works just fine, so why go through the hassle of installing a VPN? Because you can use it for so much more if you do. If you’ve only been using it for gaming, a VPN can help you access streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and more. Here are the benefits of a VPN on PlayStation 5:

  • You can game faster – so long as you subscribe to a VPN that lowers the ping rate, you’ll be able to connect to gaming servers faster. Make sure you choose the PPTP protocol in settings and whenever possible, select the nearest server to connect through. A VPN will also protect you from bandwidth throttling by your ISP and enhance your internet connection.
  • Unblocks Netflix and a host of other streaming platforms – with the right VPN your PS5 is much more than a gaming console. You can use it to access Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus and many others.
VPN-For-PS5 - Unblock-Netflix-Content
  • Early access to games – oftentimes, games are released on different dates in different locations. Most PS4 and PS5 games, for example, are launched first in Japan and Australia before the US and the UK. With a VPN connection, you can play games immediately after they launch because they help you hide your actual location.
  • Stay safe from DDoS attacks – these are a nightmare for any gamer; they cause system crashes, a slow internet connection and contribute to a horrible gaming experience. A VPN keeps you safe and secure from such attacks at all times.
VPN-for-PS5 - DDoS-Attack
  • You can game with whoever you want – some games allow players to choose players in other countries. However, many connect you automatically, and they lock you down to players in certain regions. With a VPN, you can “change” your location to anywhere you want and game with whoever you want.

How to Use a VPN For PlayStation 5

Unfortunately, you cannot set up a VPN directly on a PlayStation. They don’t have native apps to install directly on the console, so installation is a little bit more complicated than a phone or PC VPN installation.

Don’t despair; there are three ways to install a PS5 VPN, and so long as you follow the steps you’ll install and use your VPN successfully.


1. Set up PS5 VPN on a Router

Although it costs a little bit of money to buy a router, it is the best way to go. Once you have the VPN installed on your router not only can you connect your PS5, but any other device in your home that you would like connected to the VPN.

A router gives you unlimited connections; you can connect all the PCs and phones, TVs, tablets and gaming consoles in your home or office.

The process of installing a VPN on a router may vary depending on the VPN you choose. However, the process generally requires the following steps:

  • .Understand the router model and firmware type – different routers have different installation methods.
  • Find the router’s IP address
  • Access the configuration settings of the router
VPN-for-PS5 - Rapture-Settings
  • If necessary, flash the router with the firmware that supports your chosen VPN
  • Fill in the server details of your chosen VPN
VPN-for-PS5 - VPN-Server

Check our detailed guides below for more information:

How to set up ExpressVPN on a router
How to set up Surfshark on a router
Steps to install NordVPN on a router

2. Share a VPN Connection Over a Wi-Fi Router

So long as you have a Wi-Fi connection, this method allows you to turn your computer into a virtual router and then connect your gaming console to your Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable.

Note: This method is a little bit faster than connecting your VPN to a router, but it tends to degrade the quality of your connection (it will be slower).


Sharing a VPN Connection on a Windows 10 PC

  • Download and install your chosen VPN on the PC
VPN-For-PS5 - Download-PC-VPN
  • Go to “Settings” then click on “Network and Internet”. Open “Mobile Hotspot” and turn it on.
  • Return to “Network and Internet” and open “Change Adapter Options”
VPN-For-PS5 - Change-Adapter-Settings
  • You’ll find your VPN adapter there. Right-click on it and open “Properties” and the “Sharing”.
VPN-For-PS5 - Properties
  • Next, click on the option that says “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection”.
  • Go to “Home Networking Connection” and select a hotspot.
  • Open your VPN, select a server and connect.
  • Turn on your PS5, go to “Settings” and then “Network” and then click on “Connect to the Internet” and choose “Use Wi-Fi”. Then choose your Mobile Hotspot.
VPN-For-PS5 - Network
  • You are now connected through the VPN and you can use your PlayStation 5 to access geoblocked servers, access streaming platforms and more.

Sharing a VPN Connection on macOS

VPN-for-PS5 - Setup-L2TP-IPSec
  • Go to “System Preferences” and click on “Sharing”
VPN-for-PS5 - System Preferences
  • Open “Internet Sharing Menu” and on the drop-down menu that appears choose your VPN
VPN-for-PS5 - Internet-Sharing-Setting
  • Click on the “To Computers Using” Wi-Fi box
  • In that box, go to “Options” and create a password
  • Go back to “Internet Sharing” and click on “Enable”
  • Turn on the VPN and then connect your PS5 to your Mac through Wi-Fi
  • You have connected your PS5 to the VPN and can game safely

3. Use a Smart DNS

  • Download and install any of the VPNs recommended in this post
  • Go to VPN settings and enter your IP address. You’ll find it under “DNS” or “Smart DNS”. You’ll get a DNS code; write it somewhere
VPN-for-PS5 - Getting-DNS-From-VPN
  • On your PS5, open “Settings”, then “Network”, then “Custom”
VPN-for-PS5 - Network-Setting
  • Choose either “Wi-Fi” or “LAN Cable” depending on how your PlayStation is connected.
VPN-for-PS5 - Connect-Setting
  • Click on “Automatic” then “Do Not Specify” and then click on “Manual”
VPN-for-PS5 - Network-Automatic-Setting
  • Type in the DNS code you wrote down earlier
  • Return to “Automatic”, “Do Not Use” and click on “Test Your Internet Connection”.
VPN-for-PS5 - Test-Internet-Connection
  • Restart the PS5. You’re now connected through your VPN and you can game and stream safely.

Choosing a VPN For PlayStation 5

Choosing a VPN for PS5 is not like choosing a VPN for other devices; there are certain things you must take into account:

  • How easy is it to set up on a router? As you’ve seen above, the process takes quite a bit of doing so it makes sense to choose a VPN that’s easy to install on a router and has a good tutorial.
  • Choose a VPN that can be set up via faster tunneling protocols like IKEv2 and WireGuard. Many use OpenVPN, and unless you have a powerful router this can slow down your connection. A VPN that uses IKEv2 or WireGuard maintains a fast connection at all times.
  • Speed – the best VPN for PS5 is fast; it reduces lag and improves your gaming experience.
  • Streaming – choose a VPN that allows you to access Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer and any other streaming services you may be interested in.
  • Support – this is especially important for you if you find the installation process complicated. You may need someone to walk you through it.
  • Price – we tried to bring you VPNs that offer excellent speeds, security and are reasonably priced. We also chose those that have many simultaneous connections so you make the most of your money.

Best VPNs For PlayStation 5

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VPN-For-Hulu - Surfshark

Surfshark is our top choice because it connects easily with Smart DNS to give you quick and easy access to American servers, and it is easy to install on a router. This VPN service comes with IKEv2 protocol for fast connections and lag-free gaming.

Surfshark is excellent for unblocking geoblocked content. You can use it to watch shows from most streaming platforms. This also makes it very good for accessing geoblocked gaming servers. It has unlimited simultaneous connections.

It uses AES-256 bit encryptionThe Smart DNS feature only works for US servers
It is fastSharing a DNS connection from Mac can be difficult
3,200+ servers
Based In The British Virgin Islands
Can access restricted servers and new game releases
Use it to access Netflix and other streaming platforms
You get simultaneous connections
It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Visit Surfshark Now

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VPN-For-Torrenting - NordVPN

NordVPN makes the list for best VPN for PlayStation 5 because it has optional DDoS protection on some servers and a SmartDNS service that allows gamers to access streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

It is one of the most secure VPNs, with 256-AES bit encryption, WebRTC protection, a kill switch and DNS leak protection.

It also comes with a detailed installation manual for routers and is well supported.

It is fastIt doesn’t come with custom router firmware
It is one of the best for unblocking Netflix and other streaming servicesThe SmartDNS feature only works in the US
The VPNs combo of security features makes it excellent for gamingIt is pricey compared to others with similar features
The company maintains a strict no-logs policy
It has detailed installation guides
5,200+ servers
Based In Panama
Smart DDoS on some servers
It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Visit NordVPN Now

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VPN-For-Torrenting - VyprVPN

VyprVPN often gets overlooked as a VPN on PlayStation 5 because it has a smaller server network than most. It is one of the best, and it provides a reliable, secure, anonymous connection for users.

All VyprVPN servers are maintained in-house, allowing for fast speeds and minimum downtime.

The security features are also impressive – it uses AES-256 bit encryption, Chameleon protocol and a NAT firewall to block unwanted traffic.

It is a fast VPN serviceIt has a small server network
A great VPN for unblocking Netflix and other streaming sitesSome servers are slow
It has an impressive combo of security features
It protects you against DNS and WebRTC leaks
Owner-operated servers ensure reliability
It uses the proprietary Chameleon protocol for better security
Based In Switzerland
700+ servers
It has a 30-day money-back guarantee

Visit VyprVPN Now

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ExpressVPN - Home

You’ll not go wrong if you choose this as your PS5 VPN. It gives you access to hundreds of international gaming servers and comes with a detailed installation manual for PS4 and PS5.

The service is reliable with thousands of servers in many different countries and offers fast speeds for gaming without lags. It uses the best encryption protocols – AES-256, a kill switch, DNS and IPv6 and DNS leak protection and more.

The ExpressVPN SmartDNS service allows you to unblock streaming services like Netflix and Hulu in the US. You can also use it to watch shows on Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, BBC iPlayer and many more.

It comes with router firmwareIt is expensive
It is one of the best VPNs to unblock streaming platforms
The service is fast and guarantees lag-free gaming
It comes with a detailed manual for installation on routers
Comes with excellent security features
3,000+ servers
Based In The British Virgin Islands
You get a 30-day money-back guarantee

Visit ExpressVPN Now


  • How to use a VPN on PS5?

People also ask “How to set up a VPN on PS5?”, “Can you put a VPN on PS5?” or “How to get a VPN on PS5”.

The answer is yes, you can install a VPN on PS5 to secure your gaming and gain access to streaming platforms for the best TV shows, movies, sports and news.

Unfortunately, VPNs haven’t created apps that can be directly installed on PS5, but you can install a VPN on a router and then connect your gaming device to the router. Alternatively, set up a SmartDNS or share the connection from your PC to your PlayStation.

You’ll find detailed installation instructions for each of these methods above.

  • Can I use a free VPN on PS5?

You can try, but you’ll not enjoy your gaming experience. They tend to be slow because they have few servers, and they limit bandwidth so you get limited playtime. They also collect user information which they sell on to third parties, so if you are security conscious they are not a good option.

  • How will a VPN affect my gaming experience?

You get to enjoy secure gaming and you have access to servers that may otherwise be geoblocked. For those who enjoy team-based gaming, VPNs are the way to go.

  • Which is the best VPN for PS4?

All the VPNs in this post are excellent options for PlayStation 4.

  • Does a VPN slow down my game?

Ideally. VPNs slow down your internet connection. That’s why it’s important to choose a VPN that’s fast so that your internet connection isn’t degraded much.


The best VPN for PS5 will make a difference to your gaming. You no longer have to worry about DDoS and other types of attacks, and best of all you can game with players from other locations that may otherwise be restricted.

A PS5 VPN will also enhance your entertainment options – after you install it you’ll be able to unblock streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and lots of others.

As you choose, look at how fast the VPN is; if speeds aren’t optimal your gaming will ultimately be affected.