Best Ticketing SoftwareTicketing is a process of issuance, getting connected with your customers, clients or employees. It is a mandatory concern of any organization, industry or business solution provider. Where IT has revolutionized all the other aspects,this part is also not deprived of its blessings. Ticketing system has also been organized in such a tremendous way that getting invoices and alerts are as easy as child play.

 We have gone through almost all the available ticketing software around the globe and found these ten as the best. 

The Best Ticketing  Software Compared (in full)

Check all the services in detail as per your needs and choose service wisely – by the end, you’ll know exactly which one is the right option for you.

1. Center Edge ticketing software

It is a multiple software that is helpful in providing all the basic requirements for your ticketing business. CenterEdgeis acknowledged as the best in the business. It has been designed to provide flexibility and fast transactions. The software is catering the needs of the consumers for past five years. CenterEdge is the desired software for ticketing management purpose in all the valuable markets.



Salient features of Center Edge:

  • Quick and easy transactions with an intuitive and highly customizable sales interface
  • Integrated cash and inventory control and help eliminate silent partners.
  • Barcoded ticket and wristband printing.
  • Truly mobile gate management
  • Built-in capabilities for entertainment as well.
  • Functional and affordable solutions.

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2. Event Brite

It is credited as a shining star like its name in the family of ticketing software. Event Brite is an amazing system of managing your events in a simple and sophisticated manner. Delight your guests with a simple purchase flow and gorgeous event pages that look great on any device. Start selling tickets in minutes with a simple set-up process.


Why choose Event Brite?

  • Reach new audiences with just a single click from the dashboard.
  • Smarter reports and data at your fingertips, an amazingly quick service.
  • Join the world's largest event Now nobody will be frustrated anymore.
  • Non-profit and qualified services for intelligent choosers.
  • Help to sell and purchase tickets anywhere in the world sufficiently.
  • A great central hub for any event.

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3. Event Zilla

Event Zilla provides you much needed helping hand in resolving issues pertaining to ticketing for conferences, fundraisers, classes, festivals, parties, concerts and other related businesses. No downloads, no setup fees and no programming knowledge is required any more.Event registration is wonderfully simple makes your life, fun.


Key features of Event Zilla:

  • Customer survey questions enable customers to get closer and make this software trustworthy.
  • A feature of Discount codes available to grab customer's attraction.
  • Characteristic of waiting list enable managers to sell unused tickets conveniently.
  • Mobile friendly event list makes anybody to get access anywhere.
  • Multiple payment gateway support provides event managers and clients to send or receive money both online and offline from any source like PayPal, debit cards, WePay and Stripe,
  • QR codes on tickets for easy scanning and event calendar.
  • Provide email notifications and display location maps.
  • Name badges allow attendees to identify each other easily.

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4. Ticket Tailor

This software was launched over five years ago in that short period of time; it has made its mark in the market like the gurus of the software offering similar qualities. Ticket Tailor has been tested by over 10,000 event organisers and is acknowledged as the best in the business.It is a small team that cares about the success of your event, and it provides great and efficient service for your convenience.

An awesome ticketing service which enables you to get started with it and integrate with your own business. You will be pleased to choose this amazing service.


Key features of Ticket Tailor:

  • Easy to use and keep in touch with you everytime.
  • Well established and award winning small business to make you proud of your choice.
  • With no ticket fees or commission on ticket sales. Surprisingly affordable for anyone.
  • Secure, fast,easy online payment with all payment genres.
  • Simply perfect for all kinds of events either it is a festival or educational seminar etc.

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5. Zendesk

The up to the mark ticketing service “Zendesk” provides the amazing facilities to its customers.The software provides asearch facility for all the data stored in it.


Why is it distinguished?

  • Unravelling IP-based host mapping for Zendesk.
  • It helps in engaging your customers as your valuable assets
  • Use problem and incidents to organize& speed up support
  • With this support ticket system, the possibilities for providing great customer service are limitless.

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6. Fresh Desk

This software is regarded as the pioneer of ticketing solutions. It provides help in all relevant fields of ticketing phenomenon. The Fresh desk is unique in its properties as it provides easy to use tools for management of the work. It is helpful in communication with the team and the customers at the same time. It also helps in providing one desk solution to deal with the queries of the customers in much lesser time.


Other fringe features of Fresh Desk:

  • It helps to improve your workflow and enhances the scope of the scopesiness.
  • Provides a self-service portal to your customers
  • 8000 customers with some of the best brands of this world rely on it.

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7. Spice Works

An instance where free doesn'tmean cheap or loaded with bloat what it says it does take care of its words. Spice Works has many of the features you would expect to see in an expensive helpdesk management system. In addition to this, the Spice Works software is super community of Greeks, answer each and every question and help to solve even the most challenging problems. It is an outstanding and fantabulous system to manage tickets.



Features of Spice Works:

  • The software is equipped with the technology to accept tickets and generate fast response easily
  • Mobile app makes customers able to get connected anywhere anytime
  • Set up individual organizations and user portals
  • It has minimum system requirements

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8. Aqualogic Tech System

This software has been designed to support the IT professionals at work. It has been observed that the IT support has always been the key to improving business performance. Aqua Logic Tech System is always the choice of professionals. It is equipped with all the solutions regarding the ticketing system and increases the workflow as per your desires. It provides you complete data for analysis of your team. This gives a certain boost to your worthy business.


Salient features of Aqualogic monitoring system:

  • This software supports all Windows & UNIX Operating Systems
  • It offers live log feature of ALR
  • This logging feature prevents you from multiple logins to different servers
  • ALR improves the turnaround time to troubleshoot and fix the production issues, thus achieving better SLA's.

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9. Fresh Service

This software has a complete up to date system to keep you aware of whatever is being sold or purchased through your company. It provides a summary of the business you are dealing with. It is a comprehensive analogue to the activities your desk is performing while being at work. You do not have any need to take excessive pain about the data collection regarding the ticketing system. Instead, you may find a summary of the detailed work on the desktop.fresh

Why adore Fresh Service?

  • It helps you creating a workdesk to deal with all your related problems
  • It helps in maintaining the workflow of the business
  • It saves alot of time by offering separate window for ticketing
  • 24/7 server support supports server
  • The software helps in enhancing productivity

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10. Choice Ticketing

This software is designed to cater all your requirements at one solid platform. ChoiceCRM not only helps in ticketing but also aids you in maintaining the good relationship with the customers. The software offers more valuable space for saving your data and offers you a review whenever it is feasible for you. The software is equipped with all the basic tools that are mandatory for your service.


What do they offer?

  • The software helps in gathering information and tracking interactions for better business management
  • It helps you in maintaining your business flow
  • The software offers fully customizable management dashboard

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The basic function of a ticketing system is to help the IT support to work more efficiently.  It helps the organization to get relief from the extra burden of calculating the revenues, customers retention and other related issues. It also helps in improving the brand image that gives an additional boost to the business.

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