The Kazakh government disrupts internet access as a way to control the masses regularly. If you are within its borders you’re not guaranteed an internet connection. As the country experiences more frequent protests, the only way to ensure internet connectivity and access at all times is with a VPN. Read on to find out the best VPN for Kazakhstan, as well as how to install and get it to work.

At first glance, Kazakhstan looks like a success story. It has vast oil reserves and is a relatively stable country compared to its post-Soviet bloc neighbors.

The country relies on a centralized economy and a free market, with heavy investments from British, American and other Western oil companies. 

However, wealth hasn’t trickled down to the common citizen, and in the recent past, Kazakhs have protested with increasing frequency.

As a consequence, the government tries to limit communication between citizens and with the outside world by shutting down the internet whenever there’s a crisis.

How did it come to this?

A Brief History of Censorship in Kazakhstan

At the beginning of 2022, an internet blackout that lasted more than 10 days crippled business and communication.

Kazakhstan is the world’s 2nd largest bitcoin mining hub, so the shutdown was felt across the globe and it sent the price of bitcoin tumbling.

Citizens were not able to pay for food and essential services, they couldn’t use their debit cards, withdraw cash or make mobile payments.

According to a 2022 Statista survey, internet penetration in Kazakhstan rose from 50.6% in 2011 to nearly 86% in 2020. Today, all major cities in the country are connected, and almost everyone has access to an internet connection.


Problems started in 2018 after opposition activists live-streamed gatherings on social media. The government decided to cut off the internet for such use.

In 2019, opposition activists protested plans by the government for celebrations to mark the end of the Second World War. The government once more shut down the internet in a bid to limit communications between citizens and the outside world.

The longest internet shutdown took place in 2022 when citizens took the streets to protest an increase in fuel prices. The government had withdrawn a price cap that has always protected Kazakhs from international market fluctuations.


WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal were restricted, as were all major communication and news websites. Worldwide cryptocurrency trade was severely affected. Many ISPs were shut down and only allowed to resume services briefly when the president made a speech.

That’s not all. The government now puts a steep price on the publishing of certain types of information, with a 2015 law stating that “the dissemination of such unsubstantiated information in the media and on on social networks may be subject to fines as high as $54,000 or, as an alternative, community work or a jail sentence up to five years.”

This was after a run on two banks in 2014 that had to be bailed out by the government, and after a young man spread false information on the death of the prime minister in 2015.


Today, with the help of Russia, the authorities actively monitor internet traffic. The Kazakh government has prosecuted journalists and website owners for their online views. It has shut down independent media sites and citizens have to self-censor in case the government is watching.

These types of online restrictions have become commonplace around the world, but users aren’t deterred. They understand that a good VPN gives access to any website while keeping the user hidden.

This post will tell you about the best Kazakhstan VPN, as well as how to install and get it working on your devices.

Why Use a VPN in Kazakhstan?

A VPN is designed to keep you anonymous every time you go online. In a country like Kazakhstan where online communications are monitored, a good VPN gives you the freedom to access any website and talk to anyone about any topic without fear of reprisals.

What does this mean? Let’s break it down for you:

  • A VPN encrypts your data

A virtual private network works like a tunnel that changes the identity of your data when it leaves your device. Think of it like someone wearing a disguise and getting into an underground tunnel, only changing back to their original gear when they get out of the tunnel.


Once your data enters the VPN tunnel it goes through a series of encryptions so anyone looking at it only sees garbled information that makes no sense.

VPNs use the very best encryption technology, the same type that’s used by military and law enforcement, so you don’t need to worry about anyone decrypting your connection.

  • It assigns you a new IP address

How are authorities able to track down users? Using their IP addresses. An IP address is just like your home address; by looking at it someone can tell your exact location, and they can even use it to spy on your online activity.


When you go online with a VPN you’re asked to choose a server. The new server assigns you a new IP address so it looks like you’re located where the server is.

If, for example, you’re in Kazakhstan and connect through a server in the UK, it will look like you’re a user in the UK. The authorities cannot track you because you’re of no interest to them.

  • A VPN gives you access to streaming platforms

One of the primary reasons users around the world buy VPN services is because they get quick and easy access to streaming platforms like Netflix, which have geoblocks in many regions.

A geoblock means that you’re not able to access content from certain websites because of your location. Geoblocks are usually enforced by looking at user IP addresses. A VPN gives you a different IP address so geoblocks become irrelevant.


If you choose the best VPN for Kazakhstan you’ll be able to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Disney Plus and many more. You’ll also be able to watch news and sports channels, as well as local Kazakh channels.

  • You can enjoy unlimited bandwidth without ISP throttling

ISP regularly throttle customer bandwidth. They look for bandwidth-intensive activities like streaming and gaming and if they feel you’re using too much, they slow down your speeds.


A VPN ensures they cannot see your online activity so they cannot throttle your bandwidth.

How to Use a VPN?

It is easy to get a virtual private network on your devices. After you choose the best VPN for Kazakhstan here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit the VPN website and download it on your PC or mobile device. The best Kazakhstan VPNs have native apps for different operating systems. Look for the one made for your device and install it.
  1. After installation is complete, log in using the same user name and password you used to create your account. A prompt will appear asking you to choose a server. Choose one in any country and click “Connect”. The VPN connects you through that country, and to anyone looking at your traffic, it appears to be your location.
  1. You can now visit any site you want without restrictions.

How to Choose the Best VPN for Kazakhstan?


There are many VPNs, and if you’re buying one for the first time you might feel a little confused. To help you, we have a quick summary of what you should look for in a VPN in Kazakhstan.

  • Robust security protocols – the best VPNs are those that use AES-256 bit military-grade encryption. It is the best encryption protocol in the world today, and more or less impossible to decrypt. Good VPN services use a host of additional security features like a kill switch, DNS leak protection and some even encrypt data through 2 servers.
  • A large server network – efficiency in VPNs ties directly to the size of its server fleet. The fastest networks are those that have thousands of servers. Users can connect through many different locations, and this prevents congestion. A large server network also means you can connect to and from anywhere in the world.
  • Fast speeds – just because a VPN has a large server network doesn’t always mean that it’s fast. Check what speeds a virtual private network has to offer before you subscribe.
  • Multiple simultaneous connections – this means that you can use the VPN on several devices at the same time. The more simultaneous connections a VPN has the better.
  • Good privacy practices – for many VPN users this is a very important issue. A good VPN should not log or sell user details and it shouldn’t keep activity logs that show the websites you visit.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee – this allows you to test out a VPN and see whether it suits your needs.

The 4 Best VPNs for Kazakhstan

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Surfshark is, in many ways, the best VPN for Kazakhstan. It is fast, secure and has a large server fleet that gives access to content across the world. Surfshark hasn’t been around for as long as some of the other industry biggies but it has quickly caught up to them and even surpassed them.

The company uses AES-256 bit military-grade encryption among other security measures, and it doesn’t keep user logs. It collects minimal information for administrative purposes.

Surfshark is affordable especially if you choose a long-term plan. It is a well-supported VPN that has a well-designed UI that anyone can use.

The other thing we like about Surfshark is that it allows for unlimited simultaneous connections.

If we had to choose one VPN for Kazakhstan, Surfshark would be it.

It is a fast VPNThe company doesn't offer a one-year plan and the one-month plan is expensive
You can use it to bypass geoblocks in any countryAdvanced users find it a little basic
It unblocks Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, BBC iPlayer and many moreSome servers are slow
Use it to access news media and sports websitesThe no-logs policy hasn't been independently audited
The company has servers in several countries in Eastern Europe
It offers unlimited simultaneous connections
The company has a strict no-logs policy
The service is affordable especially of you opt for long-term plans
It is a reliable VPN that doesn't experience much downtime
The software has a nice UX and is easy to install
It has 3,200+ servers
The company is located in the British Virgin Islands
Users get a 30-day money-back guarantee

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Just like Surfshark, experienced users consider NordVPN a top VPN for Kazakhstan. It has one of the biggest server fleets in the industry. It comes with powerful security features including AES-256 bit military-grade encryption and leak protection and uses the best tunneling protocols.

NordVPN’s server locations allow users to connect from almost anywhere in the world, and users in Kazakhstan have global access.

It is an excellent choice for those who want to stream content. You can use it to watch Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, ESPN, BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus and thousands of other streaming channels.

Although the service doesn’t offer as many simultaneous connections as Surfshark you can expand its use by installing it on a router. We have detailed installation instructions for routers here…

The company doesn’t keep user logs and has independently audited its no-logs policy.

It is one of the fastest VPNsSome servers are slow
The fast speeds make it a good choice for streaming and gamingThe OpenVPN configuration requires a rather complicated setup
Use it for platforms like Netflix, HBO, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, ESPN and many othersSome apps take a long time to start when connected to the VPN
Its ability to bypass geoblocks makes it a good choice for accessing news sites across the globe
NordVPN has a nice user interface and is easy to install and use
It comes with detailed installation instructions for routers
The company uses some of the best security protocols in the industry and has a strict no-logs policy
NordVPN has 5,000+ servers
It is in Panama City, Panama
You get a 30-day money-back guarantee

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VyprVPN doesn’t often appear in the list of top VPNs but we like it because although it is smaller, it works just as well as some of the bigger VPNs.

The company has fewer than 1,000 servers but it owns, maintains and operates all of them. This translates to an efficient service, little downtime and good customer service.

VyprVPN uses AES-256 bit military-grade encryption and has also developed in-house security protocols like Chameleon to provide additional security. The VPN has a kill switch and DNS leak protection.

You can use it for streaming services like Netflix, HBO, BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus and any other websites that may be inaccessible to you.

It is fast – you can use it to game and streamThe company has a small server fleet
The VPN works well for Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Disney Plus, BBC iPlayer and other streaming platformsIt doesn't accept bitcoin payments
You can use it to watch sports and news from around the worldSome servers are slow
VyprVPN uses AES-256 bit encryption, DNS leak protection and a variety of additional safety featuresIt can be difficult to install on some routers
All servers are owned and managed by the company
It is a well-supported service that rarely experiences downtime
There are no data caps – stream and game for as long as you like
It has 700+ servers
The company is in Switzerland
You get a 30-day money-back guarantee

Visit VyprVPN Now

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ExpressVPN is a great option if you want to bypass geoblocks and stream content. It was for a long time the biggest industry player. However, during the pandemic, the company experienced some problems and lost its top rank.

It recovered fast, and today is one of the fastest VPNs around. The service is reliable and well supported. It has well-designed apps. Anyone can use this VPN because it has a short learning curve.

ExpressVPN is great if you’re looking to stream from platforms like Netflix, HBO, BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus and ESPN. It also allows users to access news websites across the world.

A fast VPN; you can use it for gaming and streamingThe company has been bought by Kape Technologies, a conglomerate
The service works well for Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime and other streaming platformsIt is one of the more expensive VPNs
Use it to access sports and news websites all over the worldThe software has fewer features than some of the cheaper VPNs
It uses AES-256 bit encryption and has additional security features to keep users secureSome servers are slow
The company doesn't keep user logs
It works for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS
The apps are well-designed and easy to use
The company has 3,000+ servers
It is in the British Virgin Islands
You get a 30-day money-back guarantee

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  • Are free VPNs safe to use in Kazakhstan?

Many people choose free VPNs because they assume that they get the same protection offered by paid VPNs, maybe without some of the more specialized features.

This isn’t true. Free VPNs have significant shortcomings that affect your security and leave you open to government spying, hackers and more.

Because users don’t pay, the companies that offer free VPNs make money by selling user information, and you never know where your details could end up.

If you settle for a free VPN you can expect to see many more unwanted ads and worse.

Free VPNs also have data caps, so they aren’t ideal for streaming and gaming. They also don’t use the best security protocols and your internet connection is always at risk.

  • Can I watch Kazakh TV channels with a VPN?

Yes, you can, and it’s easy. Unlike Netflix and others that require users to create an account, a VPN allows you to watch Kazakhstan TV without an account.

You’ll be able to tune in to channels like Kazakh TV, Khabar 24, Channel 31, Balapan, Astana TV, Qazsport and others.

  • How do I get a Kazakhstan IP address?

All you need to do is find a VPN you’re happy with and then register, pay and download. Log in and choose a server, and you’ll automatically be assigned a new IP address.


A Kazakhstan VPN is no longer nice-to-have software. The increasing frequency of protests, leading to internet shutdowns, has made a VPN a necessity for those who want to keep in touch with the outside world and also enjoy free access to online entertainment.

The best VPN for Kazakhstan is one that has top-of-the-line security features, is excellent at bypassing geoblocks and is well supported.

Choose a VPN that has many servers so that you can access content from all parts of the world.