Lawyers and law firms need to keep clear schedules and invoices. In this way, they will make sure that their clients receive their services in time and with the right quality. It also ensures that accounting is done the right way to avoid cases of fraud and bankruptcy. Legal billing software makes sure that lawyers and law firms get paid for services offered at the right time and through the right means.

The list below comprises of billing software that is the most effective in the market today. They offer diverse services like invoicing, accounting features and time tracking. Some of them have some customization features that allow the user to integrate them with the business. In this list, you will find the best legal billing software to use in your business, whether you work as an individual or as a company.

The Best Legal Billing Software 2022 Compared (in full)


Time Tracking
Comprehensive Reports

State Compliant Reports

Flexible Billing



Free Trial

Chaos Software Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes $49.95


Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes $29.00


Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes $89.00

Zola Siute

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes $59/User


Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes $139/User


Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes $33-$99/User


Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes $49/User

AMICUS Attorney

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes $49/User


Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Contact ProLaw

Check all the services in detail as per your needs and choose service wisely – by the end, you’ll know exactly which one is the right option for you.

Chaos Software

The legal billing software is a product of chaos software. It is specifically designed to make scheduling easy and manageable, thus helping any busy lawyer to manage time.

Chaos - Software - Home

Features of Chaos Software:

  • Affordability and cost – legal billing is affordable to a majority of users who wish to access it. It does not involve too many undesired costs like most billing software programs.
  • Simplicity in design and use – legal billing does not require professional training to use. It has a step to step operation guideline.
  • Creation and use of invoices – with legal billing, you can create detailed and scheduled invoices. You will stay on track with your daily tasks and appointments.
  • Cloud-based – this feature allows you to access your billed records wherever you are. You have access to your staff and clients at any time.

Legal billing is one of the most affordable and easy to use billing software. It is a right choice for any busy lawyer who needs to keep track of time.

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Bill4Time is perfect for firm management. It has several features that make it ideal for billing solutions.

Bill4Time - Home

Features of Bill4Time:

  • Time management component – time tracking is most important for lawyers. With Bill4Time, you will save up to 35% of your time.
  • Instant fast payment – bill4Time offers secure online payment methods by means of client portals.
  • Invoices – this billing software helps create effective and manageable invoices for your firm.

Bill4Time is one of the most widely used billing software today. It does not only help you save time but also helps make your scheduling much easier. With this software, you will save both on money and time.

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CosmoLex legal billing software helps you manage your time while at the same time get the full coverage of your business.

CosmoLex - Home

Features of  CosmoLex:

  • End to end business coverage – this software helps you get a full coverage of what is taking place in your business. You will know which task a certain staff member is undertaking. You will also know the pending and the completed tasks that you have.
  • Flexible invoices – you can add various features to your invoices with CosmoLex. You can fix your business logos and profile pics to customize your business looks with CosmoLex.
  • Online payment and simplified billing – CosmoLex offers simplified billing options alongside online instant money payment methods.

CosmoLex is one of the best legal billing programs. It has admirable results when correctly used.

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Zola Suite

Zola gives a well detailed and very efficient accounting and management system for law firms.

Zola - Suite - Home

Features of Zola Suite:

  • Time tracking and billing components – you do not have to waste a lot of time manually billing your accounts. Zola suite does it for you while at the same time reminding you of the things you haven’t completed.
  • Detailed reports – you always need to know what tasks you have complete and the ones that still are pending. Zola extracts them and returns you the reports.

Zola suite is full of legal billing features that are very helpful to attorneys. It helps you keep up with time and manage your law firm accordingly.

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Most of the users of TimeSolv have come back to say how useful the program was to them.

TimeSolv - Home

Features of TimeSolv:

  • Easy to use – lawyers do not have any time to waste. TimeSolv enables busy lawyers to spend as little time as possible struggling with complex systems. It is very easy to use.
  • Help services – you sometimes get stuck with a software program that you do not know how to use. TimeSolv offers you instant help when you contact them.
  • Flexibility and billing services – There is no limit of the customization you can achieve with TimeSolv. You have the chance to track your time offline and introduce the features you desire.

TimeSolv is not only easy to use but also effective. It is the perfect billing tool for busy lawyers and attorneys.

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Clio billing software is a complete management and billing solution for any attorney. It is also cloud-based.

Clio - Home

Features of Clio:

  • Well managed invoices – Clio puts your invoices in clear schedules. If you have a client who has paid but has not received your services, you will see it with Clio billing software.
  • Structured firm practices – you will never have failed or clashing appointments when using Clio. The software aligns the ongoing tasks and the corresponding staff in a manner that you will always see.
  • Helps you save money – you may sometimes forget clients who have not yet paid you for services rendered. Clio helps organize your accounts so that you will know which payment has been made or is still pending.

Clio is a powerful too when it comes to legal billing. When using it, you will not only render the right services to your clients but also manage your time and money.

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This legal billing program will help you recover lost data and always be in control of your data.

AbacusNext - Home

Features of Abacus:

  • Private cloud data management – abacus puts your data in an online system. This makes sure that you can always access and manipulate your data wherever you are.
  • Effective billing – with abacus billing software, you will have all your activities managed in a manner that you can easily follow.
  • Instant and expert help services – if you get stuck or fail to see your stored data, Abacus offers an expert help team to get you through your issue.

Not only does Abacus offer quick help, it also offers the most effective legal billing solutions.

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AMICUS Attorney

If you have complicated billing issues, you will end up getting few clients and may cause your business to fail.


Features of AMICUS Attorney:

  • Direct mass-billing – you can easily integrate your client list with the Amicus software program. Then, the software will bill them for you instantly.
  • Automatic update – once you have your bills created, the current status of the clients will apply. You will know which client as pending cases and put appointments for them.

This software program is one of the most effective legal billing software today. It has automatic updating with a one click button. It also offers instant help if you get stuck along when using it.

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Nowadays, people are very busy. Clients want their cases handled fast and effectively. As an attorney, it requires that you have effective billing software to manage your clients. ProLaw offers some of the best services when it comes to this.

ProLaw - Home

Features of ProLaw:

  • Business integration – ProLaw enables you to integrate with your daily business activities. You will know what you have achieved and what you need to do next.
  • Accounting invoices – ProLaw makes sure that you have the correct track of your financial matters. You will know which payments are due and the ones you expect.
  • Management of clients – your clients is the most important asset you have. ProLaw helps you manage them so that you will always offer them what they desire the most. This way, you will never lose clients on the basis of poor services.

ProLaw is one of the most desirable legal billing software programs today. It is friendly to use and has some of the most comprehensive features you will ever find.

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Legal billing can be very stressful when done manually. The above software programs are some of the best when it comes to legal billing. All you need is to check their desirable features and chose the one that fits your needs the best.

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