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What is SaaS CRM software and how can it help your business? Is just another online fad that you can expect to pass?

Businesses are actively looking to connect platforms and software with live customer data so that they can provide a more personalized experience for customers.

Whether you're a large organization, small or medium-sized business, you're about more than making sales. Today's consumer wants to interact with businesses that deliver in a personalized, pleasant, fast and timely manner. What's more, they don't want to be bombarded with useless information.

Unfortunately, delivering these things isn't easy. To be successful you have to be smart about how you manage customer interaction throughout the sales cycle. You have to know what they are looking for, when they want it and how best to deliver information.

You need to capture and manage leads, convert prospects, get existing customers to buy again and all the while keeping your team on the same page.

Leads come in by the thousands. As a business grows, it becomes impossible to manage them without good customer relationship management software.

SaaS CRM software is the answer. It's a convenient and affordable way to manage and convert leads in real-time and keep your team focused on the same goals.

This post will tell you all about SaaS CRM. We'll look at what is SaaS, what is CRM and how the two come together to provide a platform for businesses to manage leads and customer relationships.

What is SaaS?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. Back in the day, if you wanted access to software you usually had to download and install it onto a computer. To process leads and manage customer relationships, businesses needed to have software sitting locally in a server.

Not anymore. There's still a lot of software that requires downloading installation. However, now they have the option of SaaS.

It is software that sits on a cloud. A user doesn't need to download it to be able to use it. So long as they subscribe, they have access, and they get access through their browser.

The user doesn't care about updates or maintaining data that's fed into the software. All this is done by a third party, and it's their job to make sure that the software is ready for users at all times.


Examples of common SaaS software for business includes Slack, DropBox, Shopify and Google Box.

What is CRM? What Are The Benefits?

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is the process of managing relationships with leads and potential customers to convert them into sales. It is complicated and requires the use of specialized software.

You can read more about CRM and the best CRM software here…

What is SaaS CRM?

SaaS CRM software is software that brings you the best of both worlds. It is a CRM that sits on a cloud to help businesses manage customer interactions, track and manage leads and stay organized through the sales process.

You don't need to download and install this kind of software. Anyone in your team can log in using their credentials to access, upload or manage data.

The software is managed and updated by a third party. It's their job to make sure that users have access at all times, their data is safe and all features are working correctly.

The Benefits of SaaS CRM

Why bother with SaaS CRM software? Why not just download software that sits on computers in the business? After all, having CRM software locally allows you a higher degree of control over what's happening with your data and processes within the business.

Software-as-a-Service - CRM - Benefits

This isn't quite true. There are several reasons why businesses of all sizes are seeking out the best SaaS CRM. It comes with distinct benefits that are hard to ignore.

  • Zero Infrastructure

You never need to worry about investing in servers and other infrastructure for business software. This is the vendor's headache.

  • Upgrades are not your problem

Remember the days of upgrades and patches that could create chaos for businesses? Not anymore. The SaaS CRM vendor upgrades the software and tests it to make sure that it works.

  • It is cheap

aaS-based models tend to be cheaper than on-premise models. On-premise refers to software that you download and install on a local computer or server and that you're responsible for.

SaaS software is subscription-based. You pay for the number of licenses you need and you can opt out at any time. You don't need specialized IT staff as all maintenance and updates are done by a third party

  • 24/7 Availability

Anyone can use SaaS CRM anytime, anywhere. You don't need special platforms, software or preparations. So long as a user has access to the internet and a browser and is subscribed, they can access the software.

  • Easy Integration

As businesses grow they need more and more and software to manage contacts, sales, customer service and more. Smart businesses look for software that integrates seamlessly. Most SaaS CRM software offers this advantage.

It works well with existing sales, marketing and customer service software ensuring minimal hiccups within the business. Integrations allows business owners to eliminate redundancies and improve data processing and data access

  • Improved team collaboration

SaaS CRM allows everyone in your team to work from the same platform. They all have access to the same data and they use the same processes to work on the data. This allows you to track and monitor team performance. Collaboration is also easier because everyone can see what everyone else is doing.

  • Better maintenance and security

On-premise software requires users to invest in human resources to maintain it and ensure that it's running smoothly. This is an unnecessary cost especially for small and medium businesses. Businesses also have to take care of data backups.

SaaS CRM eliminates this headache. Maintenance, backup and security are left to third-party experts and professionals. In other words, you are getting expert service at a minimal cost.

Features of Top SaaS CRM Software

There is lots of SaaS CRM out there, so how do you know which one will suit your business? Here are some features that are found in the best SaaS CRM software:

Customer Acquisition

  • A good SaaS CRM will allow multiple channels of customer acquisition including social media.
  • You can use it for strategic lead management, including lead generation, qualification, scoring and nurturing

Customer Conversion

  • Opportunity prioritization – the software can tell you which leads are more likely to convert from the get-go.
  • The best SaaS CRM should be able to segment customers into different demographics.
  • It should have a rich customer life cycle management module.
  • It should also have a sales pipeline management module.
Customer-Relation-Management - What-Is-CRM

Customer Retention

  • A good SaaS CRM allows you to provide personalized customer support and get feedback that helps you improve the customer experience.
  • You can provide support through various channels including social media, chat, email and phone.
  • There are self-service portals available to customers at all times

Security and Compliance

  • A good SaaS CRM complies with regional and local regulations.
  • It offers user-based controls.
  • There is end-to-end data encryption and customer data is secure at all times.

Analytics and Reporting

  • You can use it to see in-depth CRM reports, and it has a customizable dashboard that allows you to view varied business metrics.

Best SaaS CRM Software

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Platformly - Home

Platformly is SaaS software that brings together a rich list of CRM features that any business can use. Whether you're a new or existing business Platformly will help you find, develop and nurture leads until you can convert them into sales.

What makes Platformly unique is the insights it gives you into the customer journey. What you learn helps you create lasting relationships with customers.

The software has business dashboards where teams can view all important campaign metrics and that you can use to track lead performance, conversion and sales.

Here's what Platformly such effective SaaS CRM software:


  • Lead nurturing
  • Lead scoring
  • Segmentation
  • Lead scoring
  • Contact profiles and activity
  • Contact management
  • Lifetime value of your most valuable contacts

These features make Platformly a great investment for any business that's struggling with lead management and customer relationships. If you've ever had a lead slip through the cracks, Platformly provides solutions that helps you see every lead at all times.

It shows you leads with the highest potential so that you can focus on them, and you know what steps you need to take for every step in the sales cycle.

Platformly is more than SaaS CRM software. It is a complete marketing automation tool as well. It brings together all the features you need to make your online business a success.

  • Link tracking allows you to monitor each channel to see how much you make and expose bottlenecks.
Platformly - Link - Tracking
  • The lead capture feature creates opt-in forms for your landing pages on the fly, and you can use branch logic to send them to different landing pages.
  • Messaging allows you to send scheduled and targeted emails with high deliverability rates
Platformly - Messaging
  • Marketing automation comes easy with Platformly, and you can automate every email and follow-up.
  • The in-depth reporting module lets you know where you are in your campaigns and what you need to do next.
Platformly - Sales - Reporting
  • The software integrates with popular marketing software like Zapier, Slack, Google Analytics, JotForm and more.

Platformly is well supported and the team adds new features all the time.

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Agile CRM

AgileCRM - Home

Agile CRM is SaaS CRM software that's affordable, easy to use and brings together vital customer relationship management features. You can use it to track deals and milestones, keeping your eye on the most profitable leads.

The software has a comprehensive dashboard where users can see new contacts and the number of emails sent, how many deals are in the pipeline and how many have been won.


  • Contact management – you can see and manage a contact's details on one screen.
Agile - CRM - Contact - Management
  • Deals – you can see where you are with any deal at any time.
Agile - CRM - Deals
  • Calling – dial leads straight from their contact page at the click of a button and record calls for future reference.
Agile - CRM - Calling
  • Appointment scheduling – the software has a shared team calendar, and users can schedule and do follow-ups with ease.
  • Project management – you can see all your projects on a single screen. Agile CRM allows you to drag and drop tasks into a to-do list.
  • Gamification – use competitions to generate leads and keep them engaged through the sales process.

Agile CRM also has a robust marketing module. It has 4 modules:

  • Marketing – it includes email marketing and newsletters, email tracking, video emails and multi-channel campaigns
  • Web engagement – with this module you can create landing pages, web forms and popups, push notifications and exit-intent notifications and also do CRM analytics.
  • Social – this module does social CRM, social listening and social media marketing.
  • Mobile – you can use this module for mobile marketing and text messaging.

The software is well supported, with a help desk, live chat and knowledge base.

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Freshworks CRM

Freshworks - CRM - Home

Freshworks helps users acquire and close more leads and increase customer retention. It starts out by helping you capture the highest quality leads automatically. This allows businesses to focus where they need to.

It helps you capture new leads with the Smart Forms feature, and those leads are automatically populated with all the important information from social media as well as website behavior.


  • It has custom contact life cycle stages.
Freshworks - Contact - Life - Cycle
  • Custom fields for web forms that you can use to collect targeted leads.
Freshworks - Custom - WebForms
  • The software can create custom sales activities for your business.
Freshorks - Custom - Sales - Activities
  • It has custom modules that you can use to capture unique information for your business.
  • You get custom modules that you can use to capture unique information for your business.
  • The task management module lets you schedule tasks, reminders and appointments. You can view all upcoming activities on a single dashboard.
  • You can set up rules to automatically assign tasks to team members.
  • Set up sales sequences that are unique to your business.
  • Create intelligent workflows to save time and improve efficiency.

The software has a communications module that you can use to send emails, make calls and chat with WhatsApp, SMS and Apple Business Chat.

For marketing automation, you get a CRO module to analyze visitor behavior, web forms to capture visitor information, a marketing journey builder and several other important features.

The software is well supported, and you can contact the sales team through chat or by submitting a ticket on the website.

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Salesmate CRM

Salesmate - Home

Salesmate is SaaS CRM software that you can use right from lead capture until conversion. You can set it up to automatically assign leads to team members, automate daily tasks, view contact information and automate the sales process with emails.

The software helps you capture high-value leads and convert them with personalized onboarding experiences.


  • Engage – this module has smart emails, built-in calling, text messaging, power dialer and web forms.
Salesmate - Engage
  • Sell – here, you get a sales pipeline, sales activity tracking, contact management, product management and a shared team inbox.
Salesmate - Sell
  • Optimize – in this module, you get sales reporting and forecasting, sales goals customization and mobile CRM.
Salesmate - Optimize
  • Automate – this module allows sales automation, sales sequences and data entry automation.
Salesmate - Automate

Salesmate CRM is well supported. It comes with how-to videos, free tools and templates and sales insights.

It integrates with popular marketing software including AWeber, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp and Slack.

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  • How do I get my team on board with SaaS CRM software?

The best way to get buy-in from your team before you introduce SaaS CRM software is to include them in the process of analyzing the problems that they face and coming up with solutions. Help them understand what this type of software can do and how it will impact their day-to-day activities. Collect feedback after you introduce the software and make adjustments as needed.

  • Is SaaS CRM a good fit for my business?

SaaS CRM software is a good fit for any business. Whether you're a one-man outfit or you run a team, this kind of software helps you ensure that you manage leads and get the most out of your sales pipeline.

Small businesses that are worried about costs can buy scalable software and pay for additional features as they grow.

  • What is the best CRM SaaS for a startup?

Any of the ones discussed here are ideal for a start-up. They are affordable and their basic packages contain all the important features a start-up needs to capture leads and manage customer relationships.

There are many other SaaS CRM tools available in the market. If you aren't happy with the ones discussed here, do further research to determine which software will best suit your needs and your budget.

  • Can I customize SaaS CRM?

Yes, you can, so long as you buy software that allows customization. Usually, you can customize things like dashboards, workflows, sales cycles, web forms and more. If you need to customize even further you may need to pay an additional fee. The best way to find out if the software you have in mind is customizable is to contact the sales team.


SaaS CRM software is no longer an option; businesses that want to get the most out of leads and building lasting relationships with their customers need this kind of software.

Choosing the best SaaS CRM software for your business can be a frustrating and time-consuming process because there's so much of it out there.

The most important factors to take into account are whether it suits the specific needs of your business, whether you can afford it and whether the software can scale as your business grows.

Platformly fits the bill for most small and medium-sized businesses. It's SaaS software that has a comprehensive CRM module and a full marketing suite for lead generation. It produces detailed reports that help you adjust your campaigns accordingly and the marketing automation module sends out emails to help you keep in touch with leads.

It is also affordable and you can pay for additional features as and when you need them.

Best SaaS CRM Software of 2022

SoftwareData IntegrationSeamless AvailabilitySegmentationLead NurturingIntegrationsPricing (Monthly)
Agile CRM$14.99
Freshworks CRM$35.00
Salesmate CRM$15.00
Zendesk Sell$19/Yr