Tell me some best HTML email template providers?
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Is there any company which can provide free beautiful and ready made email templates for all type of businesses?
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Try MailGet Huge collection of pre built HTML email templates.

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What are the best tools to generate B2B leads on a low budget?
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Best way to generate leads is to generate lead forms via online service like a online form builder tool and then share that link on all social networks or run Facebook ads on your targeted audience and grab leads. … (more)

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What pains you about email marketing?
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@Daniel I think the biggest problem with every email marketer is inboxing and open rate. If any company can help with this issues then there is a big market opportunity.

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I’ve recently started getting sales for my business & it’s increasing day by day. But, now I’m unable to manage my customer details, invoicing & product info. How to overcome? Any suggestions?
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You will need more details to answer but Salesforce if you are a large team and if you are in the beginning Hubspot is a good alternative or Pipedrive.

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Tools for collecting subscription billing & recurring payment solution.
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For those who are using Recurly; Isn't Recurly getting very expensive when your revenue is grows? Chargebee looks a lot cheaper to me when you have more revenue. Thoughts?

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