Tell me some of the easiest ways through which I can increase open & click rates of my emails?
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I have listed some points to follow in order to increase the open rate of emails.
Use double opt-in method: You should use double opt-in method which makes sure that you validate email addresses with two different level of confirmation. In … (more)

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Is there any provider who offers free bulk email list cleaning?
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Of Course there are some players who offer free trial for email verification.I’ve consolidated a list of some of the most economical and accurate bulk email verification service provider.

Hubuco – 100 free emails every day ,$176 for 100K emails, 99% … (more)

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Does email reputation is affected when I will send a lot of emails at a time?
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Yes, it is! If your list has more bad and spam trap email addresses, there are chances of higher email bounce rate and ultimately, this will affect the reputation of your mail domain and server. So, you need to care … (more)

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What are the main features that impact the email deliverability?
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There are lots of features that impact to email deliverability. I have listed few of them below:

Sender reputation: one of the main factors of email deliverability is sender reputation, which is determined by bounces and spam traps. To maintain a … (more)

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Best Email List Cleaning and Verification Service?
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Nowadays, Email verification and validation are major concerns. If you have many email list, you should check them for the increasing business email reputation. Lot’s of email service providers offer best verification service.
I would be recommended QuickEmailVerification who give best … (more)

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I am preparing a template to send a marketing email to this list. Do I need to take any pre-caution?
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If email having good content with their info graphics, it makes a great impact on the consumer.
To accomplish that, you need to follow following step.
User Permission:
You make sure about user interest. You should put unsubscribe option, with this user easily … (more)

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