Is There Any Cheaper Alternative To Constant Contact?
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Hi there,
I would strongly suggest If we’re talking on pricing, there is no better price on market, meanwhile the one of the leaders on delivery rates and easy-to-use system.
For 10,000 subscribers you pay only 19Euros/month.

Further pricing you can here:
Don’t … (more)

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What are the most effective ways of collecting leads?
answered 7 months ago • 

Probably nowadays the most popular for leads is Giveaways or Bonus for free, i.e.
ebooks, slides, templates, tips&tricks, etc. Offer to people what they really want, drive traffic to those offer pages and collect relevant leads for each and every download. … (more)

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Is There Any Better Alternative Than MailChimp?
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I would strongly recommend as email marketing software. 
We’re working hard as start-up ourself, so we feel your pain on launching the business. gives you Free-Forever plan for up to 2500 Subscribers, and even once you exceed it, the pricing … (more)

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