Tools for collecting subscription billing & recurring payment solution.
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Recurring subscription billing is not the only one feature of my payment service provider, but it is one of the main. I use Cardinity as a recurring payment system, though they also provide simple one time payments.

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Any tool that handles one time & recurring payments?
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If you need to accept recurring payments, then you should find a payment service provider that will offer you such a possibility. I know there are more than one, but from my personal experience I can suggest Cardinity. Here’s more … (more)

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Is there any software that can store card or other payment related details in a secure manner?
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Actually, it is obligatory to protect any sensitive information that is stored, so every payment service provider  should do this.
For example, Cardinity, the payment system that I use, can store payment details securely. The payment data is protected and tokenized for … (more)

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