Can anyone suggest me any safest email marketing service and that too at a reasonable price.
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From what I know and heard, MailChimp would be good for what you are looking for. Other ones you could use are AWeber, GetResponse, CampaignMonitor, SendinBlue, and so on.
Most of the email marketing services will provide you with a free … (more)

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How important is it to segment your contact list in email marketing?
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Segmenting and managing your contacts is an essential part of email marketing. You wouldn’t want to send a potential customer an email about something unrelated to his or her industry or job function – doing so wouldn’t help you obtain … (more)

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Is there any way to handle soft bounces?
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In email marketing, a soft bounce is an email which is temporarily undeliverable, usually because of some problem on the recipient’s side. Soft bounces are measured in e-commerce email marketing campaigns, indicating addresses which are still usable but currently unavailable.
A … (more)

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Tell me some of the best email tracking tool to keep an eye on email deliverability?
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There are some email trackers that you could use, such as HubSpot, Yesware, and others. But before you use one email tracker, you should make sure that your email list is clean, so it will make your job easier.
I would … (more)

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How can any service assure’s that they’re best in providing the email deliverability…?
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Well, there is no way of knowing for sure, until you see for yourself. Or in this case, to test it.
The first thing you need to do and the most important from my point of view is to make sure … (more)

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Is there any provider who offers free bulk email list cleaning?
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As far as I know, there are no free email validation services but there are some that give you free trials.
I used a few providers who are offering bulk email validation. The first that comes to my mind is … (more)

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