What are the main features that impact the email deliverability?

All QuestionsCategory: Email MarketingWhat are the main features that impact the email deliverability?
asked 7 months ago

What are the main features that impact the email deliverability?

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answered 5 months ago

The two main factors are:

The reputation of the ESP you are using.

Your own reputation.

Senders with good reputations get delivered. Senders with poor reputations get blocked at the gateway or their messages land in the “junk” folder instead of the inbox.

answered 7 months ago

There are many features that impact email delivery. I have been asked this question many times so I decided to write several articles on it.

Best Tips to Improve Email Deliverability

Top Strategies for Increasing Email Deliverability

Email Deliverability Best Practices 

Improving Email Reputation

If I was to list them here I would start with saying engagement is a key factor to deliverability. What I mean by that is hard bounces (email address that dont exist), or complaints (marking as spam), or deleting email (subscriber never opens and just deletes) are all considered bad engagement. Opening an email, clicking on links in an email, replying to an email, starring an email as important, filing an email, adding an email address to an address book, minimal hard bounces are all signs of good engagement.

Spam traps and hard bounces are a sign of poor list management and will affect email delivery as well. Poor ip reputation, poor domain reputation, are results of traps, hard bounces, complaints and poor engagement and will result in poor delivery.

SPF and DKIM are required at this point for delivery and if you or your ESP are not using this then this will impact delivery as well.

Lastly removing non engaged users after a certain amount of time (6 months) will result in lower open rates which will also affect your overall delivery experience.

At Emercury we provide List Hygiene as one of our onboarding steps that will give us an good indication of how your delivery will be. Based on this our delivery analyst will work with you on improving your email delivery with the above mentioned items.



answered 4 months ago

There are many things  that may impact your campaign deliverability. From my opinion, the main issues are: invalid emails, email complainers, spam traps and missing data from your list. So, in order to increase your campaign deliverability you need to clean email list or listwashing.

Listwashing is the process to check your list and eliminate invalid emails.
There are many free and paid softwares and platforms that can do this for you, but i don’t recommend using free ones because are not 100% accurate and are less well developed (in terms of API) then paid services.
I’m currently using zerobounce (the 150$ package for 100k emails), and i think it’s worth the money invested. It’s very simply to use and provides a lot information about my campaign.
With this platform you can remove invalid emails from your list to prevent email bounces from ruining your deliverability, remove known email complainers and spam traps from your list, and append missing data (like location, gender, etc..).
If you want to test it, you can get the free trial to check 100 emails.

answered 4 weeks ago

There are many reasons which impacts your email campaign deliverability rate. Some of the mail reasons are IP reputation from which you are sending mails, your email list, type of email and much more.

So the main thing what you can do is first, clean your email list using Bulk Email Verification Service. This will remove most of the hard bounces, spam traps, complainers from your email list. You can even integrate your API in your forms which will make sure only valid emails are added to your list.

Once you have a clean email email list, you can make use of Email Marketing Service Provider. Such provider have ready to use email templates or you can code your own to create beautiful and eve-catching email campaign. Once the campaign is created, you can send it to your list. As the IP’s used by such providers have good reputation, you can be rest assured that you will get higher deliverability and open rate. You can also view stats of your campaign such as open and click rate and which links are clicked by which users.

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