What is the best way to write outbound sales emails?
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Here are some tips on both the subject line AND the content.

Relevancy. It has to be relevant to the person. If what you’re offering is not interesting to the person, he won’t open it.
A free gift. If you tell people … (more)

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Tell me some of the best email tracking tool to keep an eye on email deliverability?
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You can try to check your reputation by sending an email to “[email protected]”. They will reply in minutes with the results.

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Can anyone suggest me any safest email marketing service and that too at a reasonable price.
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Well, Sender.net is free up to 2 500 subscribers.
Now, why you should choose it :

The deliverability is outstanding due to maintained IP hygiene
The UI is intuitive, confusion is rare
All of the tools are included in the free plans also, yes, even the … (more)

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How important is it to segment your contact list in email marketing?
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By simply narrowing your focus and sending emails to targeted lists, your subscribers will find your campaigns more relevant and interesting. And you know what? Relevant campaigns actually get significantly better results.
To my knowledge, Sender.net has a great list segmentation feature … (more)

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Best Email List Cleaning and Verification Service?
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You should check out ” http://www.briteverify.com/ “. Gets the job done!

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Will email marketing work in India?
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A simple and short answer: Yes, if the majority of your clients are Indian(or whatever nationality), you should send them newsletters in their native language to maximize customer engagement. Email marketing works really well in India and to Indian people!

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Is there any way to know that whether the sent emails have been received or not?
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Yes, the easy way would be to use en ESP(Sender.net) to do this.That way you’ll get lots of statistics you need to guide your marketing.

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Why do my emails are dropping in spam? How can I reduce it?
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Delivery rates are important, but if you fail sometimes, it’s not the end of the world. There is actually no need to panic – breathe normally and get acquainted with a tiny 5-tip email marketing strategy we have prepared for … (more)

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How can any service assure’s that they’re best in providing the email deliverability…?
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There is no definite way of telling, there can only be guesses. Of course, you should test it yourself, you’ll see for yourself, just make sure you have proper SPF & DKIM records. Our tests have shown(yes, we have done … (more)

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How to handle spam and bounce when doing email marketing?
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Don’t know about other systems, but Sender.net automatically handles bounces/unsubscribes/spam reports so that they don’t receive any future newsletters from you.
BUT, you can still choose to manually delete the emails from our system system by doing this :
To delete, go … (more)

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