How can I use Contact Form on my website to grow my email list?
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It’s a very good way to gather leads and your customers perspective on your service/product.  For gathering the submitted emails from these forms to your email database I would recommend integrating a validation API that will automatically check them. And … (more)

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What is the best email validation software for newcomers in the email marketing field that is very easy to understand?
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I would personally recommend you use Zerobounce as your email validation service. Not only easy to use but it is a very good service over all , with +98% accuracy , a reliable API tool to implement into your platform … (more)

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What are the main factors of list management? How they can affect the email deliverability?
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Managing your list and insuring the lowest possible bounce rate is what will help you in maintaining good deliverability and a good sending reputation.
A very important practice you should do every time you are about to send out an email … (more)

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Does signup form is helpful for email marketing and how can I create it?
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Yes, it is very important. Your sign up or registration form will gather the submitted emails of your users into a data base, be sure to be GDPR compliant and ask for your users permission to send them your newsletters.
It … (more)

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Where I get affordable Technology Users Email List ?
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Buying or receiving in any way an email database is no longer legal now since GDPR. Any emails that aren’t opt-in , meaning users that have deliberately given you permission to use their email addresses for campaign and newsletters, aren’t … (more)

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Which email marketing service is best for my vacation rental business.
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All the answers so far are great regarding the sending potential of your email marketing. I would also like to add another good point, the importance of deliverability. Actually getting your emails to land in the inbox is crucial and … (more)

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I want to create subscriptions plans for my website without coding as I do not have any technical knowledge. How can I do that?
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Great answers so far, but I will raise another very important point you have to keep in mind. Once you’ve build up an email database and have your subscription based content ready to be sent out, you will need to … (more)

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Basics Of Online Reputation Management
answered 3 years ago

I will presume you’re referring to your sending reputation considering Woofresh is a forum for email marketing discussions.
With that in mind, the main point to be cautious of regarding your sending reputation is your deliverability.
Bad deliverability meaning your emails will … (more)

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Along with IP address, why my domain is also get blacklisted?
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If you’ve send emails that have bounced in considerable percentages that could very well be the cause. For high volume email marketing you should always verify your list before sending out newsletters. Without checking the email addresses before sending out … (more)

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What is drip campaign email marketing? How can it be helpful to grow your business?
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Drip campaign email marketing is when you send periodical emails to your opt-in clients containing pre-prepared content. It’s a great way to keep your clients interested and expecting your newsletters. As long as the content you are offering in the … (more)

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