Can anyone suggest me any safest email marketing service and that too at a reasonable price.

All QuestionsCategory: Email MarketingCan anyone suggest me any safest email marketing service and that too at a reasonable price.
asked 8 months ago

I need to send marketing, promotional and transnational emails from 500k up to 2 million/day. Which is the best email marketing services that allow bulk emailing and also offers a subscription form to grow my email list?

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answered 7 months ago

Well, I don’t know much about other services but I’ve tried MailChimp & MailGet Bolt.

Both are very good and offers high inboxing rate.

About MailChimp – I would say that it is the most popular service in email marketing world.

Everyone is well aware of this name and chooses it for their business as it is very reliable. But the only thing that lashes it down is its pricing. Yes, prices go high on the basis of subscribers.

And don’t worry about the email limit & subscription form. Both the services allow to send unlimited emails and also provides inbuilt lead collection form.

Here, the limit is only on the number subscribers. MailChimp will cost you around $475 for 1 lakh subscribers. (Safer but little costlier).


On the other hand, MailGet Bolt is quite new and less known name in email marketing industry but the features they provide at such a small budget is really impressible.

Even I asked their support team that how you guys manage to offer such a reliable system at a low price (although they didn’t reveal their secret to me saying that it’s our secret :p )

So, it is reliable, having good performance and cheaper too. Here, you need to pay $307 for 1 lakh subscribers.

You can try from these two. If you are not satisfied with my experiences, you can choose from these lists too –

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answered 5 months ago

Well, is free up to 2 500 subscribers.
Now, why you should choose it :

  • The deliverability is outstanding due to maintained IP hygiene
  • The UI is intuitive, confusion is rare
  • All of the tools are included in the free plans also, yes, even the transactional emails, autoresponders, push-notifications, personal assistance through live support.
  • A variety of templates, for every occasion.
  • It doesn’t cost a kidney – The paid plans begin at 10 dollars for up to 5 000 subscribers.

If you’re sending this much emails per day, you should contact the live support for a quote – they are sure to give you the best deal you can find!
Any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask the live support on-site!

answered 5 months ago

You can try CO-SENDER. You can buy only add’ons for email  – 500.000 emails will cost for you $285

answered 4 weeks ago

Try MailGet, MailChimp, OR Aweber. There are other lots of affordable options for safe email marketing.

Check this out: Top 10 Email Marketing Services For Business – You will get the complete details of email marketing service providers along with the best deals they are providing. You can select any of them based on your requirements. Most of the providers offer free trial which will allow you to evaluate their performance before purchasing their service.

Also, it is strongly recommended that you clean up your mailing list before sending mass emails. There are lots of providers who offer verification of bulk email addresses. If you search for the best email address verification provider on the Internet, you will be overwhelmed with the lots of options. Take a look at: “Top 10 Bulk Email Verification and Validation Services Compared” – the most trending and useful blog on the best 10 bulk email verification and validation service providers.

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