Any email service provider that can import bulk contacts in much easier way?
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At CO-SENDER you can import unlimited subscribers and send email according your plan. You can provide csv or excel file. Also you can map your columns in file with subscribers list columns.

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Is there any company which can provide free beautiful and ready made email templates for all type of businesses?
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You can use CO-SENDER predefined templates, you can send up to 1.000 emails for free each month. Also CO-SENDER can create templates specially designed according your needs.

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Tell me some best HTML email template providers?
answered 2 weeks ago  • 

You can use CO-SENDER already created templates, or we can create templates specially for you according you theme or requirements.

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How can I resend the non-open emails automatically? Any ESPs that provide email campaign tracking?
answered 1 year ago  • 

Hi, It is one of important features in digital marketing. You can plan to resend any campaign at CO-SENDER for Subscribers who did not open it at all, or for those who opened your Campaign but did not click any links inside it. You can read more here  

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Can anyone suggest me any safest email marketing service and that too at a reasonable price.
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You can try CO-SENDER. You can buy only add’ons for email  – 500.000 emails will cost for you $285

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Is there any way to get IPs for Email Marketing?
answered 2 years ago  • 

You can use CO-SENDER. It is possible to add dedicated IP and to sent emails from your dedicated domain, example

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Which email marketing service is best for my vacation rental business.
answered 1 year ago  • 

It is interesting – how much guest you have in your list?
CO-SENDER hasn’t limitation on contact list size. It is unlimited. Also you can send up to 1.000 emails per month in free plan. Forever.
You can find couple predefined templates … (more)

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Is There Any Cheaper Alternative To Constant Contact?
answered 10 months ago  • 

CO-SENDER plan price depends on sent messages count (email or SMS), contacts size is unlimited. Free trial forever with full functionality. You can find more in user manual.

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Is There Any Better Alternative Than MailChimp?
answered 2 years ago  • 

You can user CO-SENDER, a multi-channel communication tool. You can sent e-mail or SMS, publish to Facebook or Twitter.
Everything in one platform, full self service, light and easy to use, friendly user interface.
The price depends on sent messages count, subscribers … (more)

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