What are the qualities of best Hosting ?
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According to me below are the Qualities that a Good Web Hosting Service Provider should have.
Storage Space – Before purchasing a Hosting service look for the storage space provided by the company. If they are providing limited storage, then they … (more)

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How can I maintain a clean email database?
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Maintaining clean email database is very important to run a successful email marketing campaign. There are many ways to keep your email list hygenic and in a mail ready condition whenever you want one of them being performing email verification … (more)

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How do I check if an email address is valid without sending anything to it?
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Email validation is very much important before you start shooting emails to your list. Email validation has a vital role to play to make your email marketing success. There are tons of email validation providers which comes at your rescue … (more)

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Can I start email marketing for free?
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Email marketing can give you handsome return if implemented with due care. It is always good to test before investing and fortunately most of the email marketing providers offer free trial primarily for 30 days in which you can use … (more)

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I am preparing a template to send a marketing email to this list. Do I need to take any pre-caution?
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Wow, all the best for your campaign. I hope the email list you have purchased is clean. The paid list is only useful if you have relevant recipients who are interested in your product.
– When you are sending bulk emails, … (more)

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How can I lower my bounce and complaint rates?
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→ The most essential thing to reduce bounce back and complaints is to have a clean email list. If you have used double opt-in list, there are very rare chance of bounce back and complaints.
→ You should have a – … (more)

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Can anyone suggest me any safest email marketing service and that too at a reasonable price.
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Try MailGet, MailChimp, OR Aweber. There are other lots of affordable options for safe email marketing.
Check this out: Top 10 Email Marketing Services For Business – You will get the complete details of email marketing service providers along with the … (more)

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Getting very less Inboxing and open rate while sending emails?
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This is the most common issue with email marketing. There are several points you should consider to increase inbox and open rate.
1. You should make sure that the IP address from which your emails are being relayed is not blacklisted … (more)

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How can I maximize the open rate of my emails?
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1. First of all, your email list must be verified. You may have invalid/incorrect email addresses which are increasing bounce/open rate. There are lots of tools in market to verify the email list. Take a look at: “Top 10 Bulk … (more)

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What is the best unpaid bulk email verifier software?
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Free is always not reliable. As far as unpaid verification services are concerned, you can get daily free credits (100-500 free email verification) from the various providers. If you are looking for a higher numbers of email to be verified, … (more)

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