Is There Any Cheaper Alternative To Constant Contact?

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asked 1 month ago

For the last couple months, I’ve been searching for a cheaper alternative to Constant Contact. Even I’ve asked the same thing to Quora also but everybody was suggesting MailChimp which is again costlier than my current service. Please suggest me a low-budget service that offers almost all features like Constant Contact.

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Why don’t you try MailGet Bolt for your business. The service is really nice and having a good reputation and most importantly it offers high inboxing rate.

Every time I send emails with MailGet Bolt, they get landed in my customer’s inbox directly. The features are also easy to use and enough for email marketing campaign.

Your concern is pricing, so I think this stats would clear your doubts.

Hope you like it.

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answered 2 weeks ago

If you have high volumes, give a try to our MailUp since it can be particularly affordable in certain cases.

MailUp has an unique pricing model called “pay-per-speed”. This allows you to save a lot if you accept a delayed sending.

Let me explain. If you need to send 50,000 emails every day for 30 days (which means 1.5M emails per month) this is the price:

$84 / month if they are sent in 10h (speed is 5,000 emails per hour)

$121 / month if sent in 5h (speed is 10,000 emails per hour)

$182 / month if sent in 2h (speed is 25,000 emails per hour)

“Delayed sending” means that if you start sending a newsletter at 8am, the first message is sent immediately while the last message will be sent after x hours. No extra costs or limits related to list size or email sent.

MailUp is public company funded in 2002, the service is available in 9 languages and used by more that 10.000 clients around the world.

Check MailUp prices here.

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