Best Email Marketing Solutions – India’s #1 Email Marketing Co.‎
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MailGet Bolt is the best email marketing company in India.
It offers lots of amazing features like Autoresponder, Email Tracking, Scheduling, Drip Emailing and much more.
The best part I like about the service is you don’t need to get in any … (more)

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Best Email List Cleaning and Verification Service?
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Well, lots of services are there that claims to clean spam traps but it is not possible to clean them fully.
But yes, there are the number of services that help to clean your email list from bad & inactive email addresses.
I’m … (more)

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Suggest me the best SMTP server to send bulk emails which will not affect the email deliverability
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Go with Amazon SES. It’s really amazing in terms of email deliverability and cost.
I’ve been using it for a quite long time and never got the issues of deliverability & its reputation.
Here, you just need to pay $0.10 per 1,000 … (more)

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Is there any way to know that whether the sent emails have been received or not?
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Lots of tools are there that help to track your email deliverability.
If you’re sending emails via Gmail then you can go with for MailTrack. Just download its extension and start sending emails and it will show all the reports of your … (more)

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What are SPF & DKIM and why authentication of both are necessary?
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SPK & DKIM records need to configure in order to identify your IP.
When you configure these records, your domain gets registered in the DNS server list by which the receiving server able to identify your IP.
If you don’t do this, … (more)

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Along with IP address, why my domain is also get blacklisted?
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Every blacklist sites have its own policy and criteria for blocking an IP or domain.
Below are some points that might be the reason of getting blacklist your IP and domain:-

SPF and DKIM records are not configured.

High Spam and Bounce Rate. … (more)

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Can we use OVH servers for sending bulk emails?
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I’ve heard that most of the servers have a sending limit of 250 emails per hour. Can you tell me what’s the limit of email sending does OVH server offer?
And, before sending emails I always clean my email list but … (more)

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Is it worth to buy an email list? How can I do that?
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I’ve got 2 different solutions here…@Satyabala said that buying an email list is not a good practice as it can affect your deliverability. On the other hand, @Durgesh is saying that it may be beneficial for you. I’m totally confused.
@Durgesh, … (more)

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Any Good Alternative For SendinBlue Email Marketing?
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To help you out I can suggest you few blogs on email marketing where you’ll get the best list of services.

MailChimp, MailGet Bolt, or Convert Kit, I’ve heard about these three from so many peoples.
So, you can signup for their free … (more)

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Is There Any Cheaper Alternative To Constant Contact?
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Why don’t you try MailGet Bolt for your business. The service is really nice and having a good reputation and most importantly it offers high inboxing rate.
Every time I send emails with MailGet Bolt, they get landed in my customer’s … (more)

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