Is There Any Better Alternative Than MailChimp?

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asked 2 months ago

I’m looking for some better alternative to MailChimp. The service is good but quite expensive and being a startup I cannot afford such a costly service. Please suggest me some better email marketing service.


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answered 2 weeks ago

If you are above 2,000 recipients, have a look to our MailUp.

We have an unique pricing model called “pay-per-speed”. This allows you to save a lot if you accept a delayed sending.

Let me explain. If you need to send 50,000 emails every day for 30 days (which means 1.5M emails per month) this is the current price for the Web edition:

  • $84 / month if they are sent in 10h (speed is 5,000 emails per hour)
  • $121 / month if sent in 5h (speed is 10,000 emails per hour)
  • $182 / month if sent in 2h (speed is 25,000 emails per hour)

“Delayed sending” means that if you start sending a newsletter at 8am, the first message is sent immediately while the last message will be sent after x hours. More hours, less $$$. No extra costs or limits related to list size or email sent.

answered 4 days ago

Maybe you should try a program instead of a service? You pay once for it, not every month, and use it forever. I came across massmail’s soft and it turned out to be very good. Basically, almost same features as in mailchimp, but for a lower price.

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