Best Email List Cleaning and Verification Service?
answered 11 months ago  • 

To verify emails I usually use Atomic Email Verifier, it’s pretty easy to work with.

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Is there any company which can provide free beautiful and ready made email templates for all type of businesses?
answered 6 months ago  • 

Well, as far as I remember, atomic mail sender has lots of ready templates. They are not for free though, nothing great is free.

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What are the most effective ways of collecting leads?
answered 8 months ago  • 

Try Atomic Email Extractor for it. I was pretty satisfied with it’s functionality and simplicity.

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Is There Any Better Alternative Than MailChimp?
answered 1 year ago  • 

Maybe you should try a program instead of a service? You pay once for it, not every month, and use it forever. I came across massmail’s soft and it turned out to be very good. Basically, almost same features as … (more)

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How can I get email address lists for sending bulk emails?
answered 11 months ago  • 

Hello, Anant!
I see. Well, the tool I’ve been using for that is called atomic mail extractor. It searches relevant websites you can take emails from by keywords. So basically you will make up the email list of people who are … (more)

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How can I get email address lists for sending bulk emails?
answered 11 months ago  • 

What do you mean? Do you want to collect emails so you can make a list? Or you need to know how to do a mass sending? Please clarify 🙂

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Suggest me the best SMTP server to send bulk emails which will not affect the email deliverability
answered 11 months ago  • 

Atomic Mail Sender is one of the best ones out there. It’s a program, not a service, which is better! You’re paying just once and send as many emails as you want. The program is almost unlimited, you can send … (more)

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Is there any affordable email marketing service provider?
answered 2 years ago  • 

I agree with Michael, MailChimp is a pretty good service, but I had API issues recently. Though I’ve been alternating MailChimp with atompark’s bulk mailer. The only things I care about is that this program has a built-in SMTP server and unlimited number … (more)

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