Does anybody know the strategy of increasing the recurring revenue?
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Increasing revenue is the most important aspect for any business and when you want to increase the recurring revenue, you can do it with SaaS, now broadly speaking SaaS is any software that works on a subscription basis.Just for the … (more)

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Suggest any software through which I can manage my SAAS business?
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An effective SaaS software would be one that allows you precisely manage all the services and SaaS subscriptions. It always better to have a single platform for all your SaaS accounts, these softwares will help the user to handle renewals … (more)

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Difference between revenue recognition & MRR
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Firstly, we should know what is MRR and revenue recognition.
MRR stands for the monthly recurring revenue as understood and gauged by the full form is the predictive measure as to know what is the actual revenue that will be generated … (more)

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Does subscription billing software allows you to create coupons & discounts?
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I am owning a SaaS business for which I need to create multiple coupons simultaneously for the upcoming Christmas season in which I would like to put certain offers, So, does subscription softwares help in creating such coupons as … (more)

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How can I get email address lists for sending bulk emails?
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Hey Bet, I just want to collect email address lists only, so is there any specific ESPs that you can suggest, which will provide me the same?

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Tell me some of the easiest ways through which I can increase open & click rates of my emails?
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You need to focus on significant keynotes to increase your emails’ open & click rates:

Avoid being flagged as spam
Use personalized message format
Keep the layout of your email as device friendly
Clean your email lists properly
Check your emails delivery time
Resend to your … (more)

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Please explain the working of A/B Testing Campaigns for email marketing?
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A/B testing is nothing but a campaign used to test the changes done in the pattern of emails. You can easily find out the alteration in emails.
The Changes can be done in “subject line, from name, sending time & the … (more)

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