Is there any way to clean spam traps from email address?

All QuestionsCategory: Email MarketingIs there any way to clean spam traps from email address?
asked 6 months ago

Whenever I send bulk emails to Hotmail, Hotmail SNDS catches spam traps. Is there any way to clean spam traps for Hotmail?

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answered 5 months ago


I don’t think that any ESPs or list cleaning service can fully clean the spam traps as I heard, the spam trap cleaning is very difficult.

So, how both of you (@sonam & @alamak ) are so confident about filtering or cleaning spam trap.

Do you guys use any special technique or software to clean them? If yes, please let me know as I’ve discussed the same with everyone but didn’t found any solution.

answered 5 months ago

Yes! There are a lot of list cleaning tools available in the market which can clean spam traps from your email list.

Here are few:

Or you can refer this article where they’ve listed out best list cleaning tools: Best Email Listing Cleaning Services

I picked MailGet from the list. It really amazing.

If you maintain a healthy email list then you’ll never be caught by any inbox providers.

Doesn’t matter whether you are using Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo, your contact list should always be cleaned out.

answered 5 months ago

You can consider with spam trap filter for many free email providers.

You can sign up free trial plan for 100 email addresses screening using bulk interface.

They also provided trial plan with 300 email addresses screening per month using API interface.

answered 5 months ago

I do agree with Satyabala, All the email list cleaning service claims to find spam traps but there is no way to find spam traps without real sending of emails.

When we send emails then only hotmail SNDS mark number of spam trap hit in there dashboard but still there is no definite way to find exact spam traps from the email list.

Try: MailGet Service for Email List Cleaning

answered 2 months ago

I would recommend ZeroBounce – email validation app  because it has one of the richest data-set of returned information to make actionable decisions on.

The sheer number of validated emails is really helpful and thus grants extremely high accuracy rates.

At least for me i saw even improvements with data append (a feature in which i didn’t believe) and help me out to segment even further my list.

Taking in consideration that they also give you free credits to validate your emails and test out its accuracy makes it a very usefull tool.

It has built in Abuse Detection

It has spam trap detection

Data Appends

Disposable/Temporary Email Detection

An API to automate this procedure and handle other key aspects of your business.

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