Is there any subscription management software which is completely free?
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Yes, there is a software named AZIMIO that is free for lifetime and I found that it is OK to use a free software to manage the subscription business.
This AZIMIO software offers all the features like dunning management, payment … (more)

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What you do to store credit card details of recurring subscriptions for any Payment gateway issues
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Hmm. If such a case comes forth then probably a campaign or two leading up to the day of the switch, and once that has occurred, tweak your dunning emails to let people know their card details will need to … (more)

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What you do to store credit card details of recurring subscriptions for any Payment gateway issues
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I would strongly against storing any credit card details due to PCI DSS (payment card industry compliance) because, just in case, If you are caught storing card details incorrectly, you can make yourself fall into some serious trouble. I would … (more)

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What can I do when my payments being declined from any specific Gateway?
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Hi there, May I know which payment gateway you are using right now, as every payment gateway &  bank has their own rules and criteria.
You should know the reasons behind the payment failure as there are multiple reasons for … (more)

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What are the best dunning management software?
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Hey there, a few months ago I was also confused about choosing the best dunning management software as we all know that there are the number of software available over the internet. Then I figured out some blogs which I … (more)

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Can social media act as a powerful medium for email marketing?
answered 4 years ago • 

Yes, it is. Social media will help you to connect with a large audience where you can promote your email marketing services. Actually, It is more effective than the traditional marketing service which is prevailing nowadays.
You can upload your … (more)

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Any surety that my emails will appear properly on different devices?
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There are several Email Service Providers that will give you  “device friendly” emails but my suggestion for you is “MailGet” and “MailGet Bolt”. They will provide you responsive emails designs that will appear properly on all types of device such … (more)

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Is there any way to clean spam traps from email address?
answered 1 year ago • 

I don’t think that any ESPs or list cleaning service can fully clean the spam traps as I heard, the spam trap cleaning is very difficult.
So, how both of you (@sonam & @alamak ) are so confident about filtering or cleaning spam trap.
Do … (more)

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Is there any significant day or time for sending marketing emails?
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Hey, It’s not that easy to find out the significant time for sending emails but you can find it yourself with the help of following points:

What Type Of Business Do You Have- If you are working as a freelancer then … (more)

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How can the seed list prove to be a productive email marketing strategy?
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The best part of the seed list is that you can test the emails delivery time, track response rate & quality of the emails in between the specific number of peoples.
You can create the seed list of colleagues, executives … (more)

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