Is there any Free Email Marketing Software?

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asked 5 months ago

I need free Email marketing software but i want that they must have good inbox, without good inboxing there is no use for free email marketing. 

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answered 5 months ago

Many email marketing services are there which offer a free trial. So you can sign up for them and try sending emails.

I’ve tried many services and right now using MailGet Bolt for my business as it is quite cheaper than others.

Some of them I’m enlisting here along with their free trial link. You can use try them for free:

MailGet Bolt




answered 5 months ago

I don’t think so that there is entirely free email marketing software available over the internet but there are a lot of online software services available that provide free sending of emails up to a certain limit if you like their service then you need to pay them to avail their services after some limit.

answered 2 months ago

There are no fully free services. In any case, there’s a saying – if a thing is free, you are the product.

However, has a free plan that is up to 2 500 subscribers and 15 000 emails / monthly.

After that, it’s 10 dollars for 5000 subscribers. Quite cheap, isn’t it?

The other factor – deliverability, mainly means two things that you need to know. It depends on your content – if you send spammy content – your deliverability will be less and less effective. Also, the deliverability also depends on the provider you are using. If he does not maintain a good IP hygiene, your mails will be considered as SPAM by most inboxes.

So, you need to choose a provider that maintains a good IP hygiene, such as

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