How important is it to segment your contact list in email marketing?

All QuestionsCategory: Email MarketingHow important is it to segment your contact list in email marketing?
asked 5 months ago

Which service provides the best email list segmentation?

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answered 5 months ago

Segmenting is very important in email marketing. You will want to look at multiple segmentations in your list based on engagement at minimum however you will also want to segment your subscribers based on interests and then start email automation campaigns based on those criterias. A simple example of segmentation would be to segment out your non openers after a certain amount of time. (~6months). By doing this you are keeping the engaged users in your list and this keeps your open rate up as well as your reputation score with the ISPs and mailbox providers.

Here is an article on some segmenting:

10 Ways to Take Advantage of Behavioral Marketing


answered 5 months ago

Thanks for this short guide @Michael 🙂

Is there any service which provides a single feature of list segmentation or it would be better if I get some dedicated List segmentation tool.

Actually, I’m new in email marketing so don’t know much about the popular and reasonable services. Can you tell me some of the best list of services here?

answered 5 months ago

Segmentation is important to step away from the mass mailing principle.

By segmenting your database based on the info you have, you will start with specific target groups and send them campaigns that really suit their needs.

Later you can combine database info with behaviour within the email such as interests, preferences, opening, clicking, not opening etc…

the more specific your groups are, the more result you will get out of your emailmarketing

answered 3 months ago

By simply narrowing your focus and sending emails to targeted lists, your subscribers will find your campaigns more relevant and interesting. And you know what? Relevant campaigns actually get significantly better results.

To my knowledge, has a great list segmentation feature that can narrow down your audience.

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