How can I maximize the open rate of my emails?

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asked 3 months ago

I’m getting a very less open rate. What practices should I follow in order to increase it?

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answered 3 months ago

– Firstly check your email list and clean it from spam email addresses.

After that, you should focus on your subject line, if it is compelling then user will definitely open your email as it is the first thing that customer see and on that basis only, he decides whether to open mail or not.

Now the question is how to make subject line compelling. Well, for that, you can refer this article –  Best Email Subject Lines 

– Also, don’t forget to personalize your email.

– Send your mail from a person, not from a company.

– Always choose your email marketing application/service with a good reputation.

This is the major factor on which your open or delivery rate depends on.

If you use the service with bad domain then all your email will get landed to spam which in result less open rate.

Read this & you’ll get to know how to increase your open rate.

answered 3 months ago

There are few things that are really important to increase the open rate of your email.

1. Personalization – Send an email with a personalized subject line makes more open rate. Below is the example.

Subject line: Hello, There is something for you.

Subject Line 1: Hello Roy, There is something for you.

2. Content Uniqueness: Send users something that is unique and helps him to learn something.

3. Previous reputation: If users found your previous emails useful and interesting then they will surely open your new emails as well on the other hand if they found your previous emails not interesting then they usually ignore new emails as well.

4. Inbox Percentage – Open rate also depends on how many emails reach to the inbox, promotion tab or spam folder, If you get good inbox then your open rate will be high.

answered 1 month ago

Weak subject line – low open rates
Try to imagine, what could really attract your subscriber? Here are some truly useful tips, that will help you writing a subject line. Just remember – you must test specific keywords or simply phrases to engage your subscribers.

  1. Make it short, because people are too lazy to read.
  2. It has to be catchy, otherwise, no one is going to open your mail. Make it attractive and tempting – people are about to click through.
  3. Secretly tell them what’s inside! Subscriber will simply feel safer. Phrases like “check our new collection” or “new flight destination” are about to make your email marketing campaign intriguing.

Sending from do-not-reply email – not a wise decision…
Well, it’s quite clear, that nobody likes speaking to a robot… Solution – stop sending from do-not-reply, use a real name instead. Changing your address name will help you increase your open through rates significantly. Just avoid using a generic email address and simply send email campaigns from a real person. “Rebecca from Email Marketing Software | Sender” will definitely perform better.
One thing at a time – stick to a particular message you’re trying to deliver
Decided to kill two birds with one stone? Sometimes the less – the better. You can make your communication more effective by making it clear and sticking to one message you’re about to deliver. Just take a look at your idea from your listeners’ perspective – it has to be simple to comprehend. Too much information at a time can cause an explosion… Your email campaign is about to be crystal clear, just divide the information into separate newsletters – you’ll see how fast your message will reach your audience. Kapish?
Ignoring your mobile users – ignoring the present and the future!
Don’t treat your mobile users like they don’t exist! This is the main rule to follow if you want them to stay as your subscribers and read your newsletters. Make sure you provide an easy to use mobile website and email campaign itself. It will allow your subscribers to navigate through your newsletter content without a problem.

Have you heard about email list segmentation?
I hope most of you know, that segmenting your subscribers can actually help you to get higher open and click rates. Would really love that to happen? Of course, you do! By simply narrowing your focus and sending emails to targeted lists, your subscribers will find your campaigns more relevant and interesting. And you know what? Relevant campaigns actually get significantly better results. Interested? Follow the rules and segment your audience.

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