What is revenue recognition in subscription model & how can I recognize revenue in my subscription business?
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Revenue recognition is an accounting principle which will help you in determining the specific condition to calculate the recognized revenue. “rev rec” is the abbreviation of revenue recognition & some time also known as deferred revenue.
For SAAS businesses, it is … (more)

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Any suggestions to retrieve the payments of the customers which gets declined?
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With the help of dunning process, you can retrieve the payments of the customers which gets declined.
The dunning process consists a few steps:-
Step 1- If customer payment fails, the software automatically sends email notification to the customer about failed transaction … (more)

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Can anyone recommend the best invoicing & billing software for small business?
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There are lot of billing and invoicing software available in the market which makes your invoicing and billing task simple & easy.
I would like to suggest you to try Pabbly Subscriptions recurring billing & subscription management software which … (more)

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How much should be the “subject line length” in emails and does it matter?
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If you are sending your emails without “subject line” then the possibility of open rates & click rates of your emails would be minimum. So, it is very important to add the subject line in every email.
Now, it comes to … (more)

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How can I maximize the open rate of my emails?
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– Firstly check your email list and clean it from spam email addresses.
After that, you should focus on your subject line, if it is compelling then user will definitely open your email as it is the first thing that customer see … (more)

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I have to send emails in bulk. Can anyone suggest me a high speed delivery SMTP server?
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Hello @Amit, can you please tell me what’s the per hour email sending frequency does SMTPProvider provides?
Actually, I’ve tried few servers but their email sending frequency was very less which somehow affect the speed of email delivery. So, I’m looking for … (more)

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How can I resend the non-open emails automatically? Any ESPs that provide email campaign tracking?
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Is it really possible to resend automatic emails to non-opens?
Actually, I’ve recently started using email marketing for my business and does not even aware of such terms and important steps of email marketing.
The service that I’m using right now does … (more)

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Any email service provider that can import bulk contacts in much easier way?
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Hello guys, Thanks for sharing your information. I have read both the answers but still got confused about your services. Can you please elaborate a bit more so that I can compare & take the further needful step.

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