Can we send bulk emails in outlook without being shutdown?

All QuestionsCategory: Email MarketingCan we send bulk emails in outlook without being shutdown?
asked 6 months ago

Is there any way we can send unlimited bulk emails via outlook without finishing our email sending quota?

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answered 6 months ago

I think rather than using Outlook, You can use any paid email service provider for bulk emailing as Outlook system can have major consequences to sending emails to even few peoples. Sending mass emails through outlook will damage your email reputation due to the rejection of emails.

So, to avoid the chance of being blacklisted, you can use other email service provider that has Less bounce rate, Higher email deliverability, Multiple SMTP connections and other important features to push your organization to the top.

answered 5 months ago

An email service provider would definitely be a better option for you here!

Custom solutions can be created for you too (as my company, Crossware provides), but I think that if you’re price conscious that will be your best bet.

answered 4 months ago

If you still need to use Outlook, you may be interested in the SMTP+ option in MailUp. You can:

a) send adding thousands of subscribers in BCC. MailUp will send the message to each recipient in the TO: fields (BCC to TO).

b) manage the unsubscription/bounces/feedback loops, for better deliverability.

c) track everything (opens, clicks at the user level)

Another option is the List+ features that basically allows you to:

  1. open outlook, create a message and send it to a special address (ie abcd1234@…mailupplatform…com)
  2. the message will be sent to all the recipients loaded into a list or a group in MailUp (so you need first to upload your subscribers list in MailUp)


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