Is “unsubscribe link” very important term in email marketing?
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No one wants their customers to flag them as spam. Therefore an unsubscribe link is absolutely necessary!
What I can also recommend you is a service that can identify Abuse Emails, which are considered emails where the recipient clicks the “Spam” … (more)

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How to improve domain reputation to get more Gmail Inbox?
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I recommend you to use this Detailed Guide.
It’s very well explained, made by an Email Verification Service, created to ensure companies avoid email bounces.
You can also check some of the features ZeroBounce has:

Catch-All Domain Checker – it can identify domains that are catch all … (more)

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Suggest me the best SMTP server to send bulk emails which will not affect the email deliverability
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In order for the reputation not to be affected, I recommend you to use a service that can clean your list of emails.
As an example, is an amazing platform for online email validation that is created to ensure companies avoid … (more)

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What are catch all emails?
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Catch-All domains always return a valid response from the SMTP service, whether the email address is actually valid or invalid.
Some mail operators set up a catch-all address. For instance, if you mail [email protected], the mail administrator will forward that email … (more)

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How to do Email Marketing?
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What hasn’t been pointed out about the steps of doing email marketing is Cleaning your Email List.
You need to use an email scrubbing system to remove invalid addresses from your email list and to prevent bounces.
Also, you should keep your … (more)

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Can we send bulk emails in outlook without being shutdown?
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I strongly advise you not to use Outlook for sending emails, and rather go for an email service provider.
There are lots of services that can help you with that.
In order to keep your reputation clean, you should clean your list … (more)

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How to find if email as past history for Email Abuse.
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It is known that your mailing reputation may be lowered, if people click the ‘Spam’ link once you send your email to them, they contribute to causing your emails to land in the bulk/spam folders, or even worse, not being … (more)

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