Is it worth to buy an email list? How can I do that?
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In my opinion, it is a short term method that will damage your reputation in the long term.
Advantage of buying a list:

Leads right now!
New sales opportunities
Minimal effort to collect these


legally dodgy
Increased rate that you will be blacklisted as spam since … (more)

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Is there any significant day or time for sending marketing emails?
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The answer to this other question might help 🙂 With regards to times, I have read that late morning is a good time for Western countries, e.g. Australia, USA. See this graph below, source:

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What is the best & worst day of sending emails?
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I have read a few articles on this and I think the best days are as follows:

Tuesday: This is hands down the #1 best day to send emails according to the majority of the data from these studies.
Thursday: If you send two … (more)

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Can we send bulk emails in outlook without being shutdown?
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An email service provider would definitely be a better option for you here! Custom solutions can be created for you too (as my company, Crossware provides), but I think that if you're price conscious that will be your best bet.

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I want to create an email signature for sending emails via Gmail or Hotmail? How can I do that?
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Hi, we offer a solution called Crossware Mail Signature which is designed for super flexible email signatures and branding for professionals.
You can basically take full control of your signatures, if you’re using Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange. It allows you … (more)

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Is there any affordable email marketing service provider?
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Check out this cool quiz that I found to choose a new Email Service Provider, it has limited options but might help you get a better idea of what’s available 🙂 – it helped me to choose Active Campaign which … (more)

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What type of challenges do you face while doing email marketing?
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I face the challenge of split testing since my current provider (Constant Contact) made it a difficult manual process.
I am about to test out Active Campaign as it seems to have great functionality for split testing and also great automation … (more)

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What is CAN-SPAM Law? Is it necessary to follow this law for your email marketing business?
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If you are sending commercial (marketing) emails in the USA or to the USA, you should be legally compliant with the CAN SPAM act. So, yes it is important!
CAN SPAM is the major governing email marketing law in the USA, … (more)

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