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asked 9 months ago

I am newbie, Can anyone tell me, How to do email marketing?

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answered 9 months ago

Before we focus on the ‘How’ part of the question, it is important to have a look at the exact meaning of the term Email Marketing. To be precise;

Email Marketing is the promotional activity with the primary objective of swift communicating updates, offers, events, promotions or a new launch etc. to all the recipients who have selected to receive updates from you.

The problem, now a day, is that most of the people are reluctant to receive promotional emails because of the massive abuse of email marketing in the past. It has become difficult to convince people because they take online system security quite seriously and nobody is ready to allow the unknown emails in their inbox.

The email providing platforms (Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! Mail etc.) have done a great job to deal with this issue by blocking the spam emails and on the other hands, the genuine marketers can make use of the creative ideas to reach the inbox of the potential clients. Let us have a look at the basic guiding steps for the beginners who are willing to learn the secrets of successful email marketing.

1. Selection of A Reliable Email Marketing Provider

Do not assume anything, rather do the complete homework, feel free to talk to the experts, analyze the pros & cons of different email marketing providers, and then make the final decision. Knowing that you are a newbie, let me make things simple by referring to top three email marketing service providers:

  1. AWeber
  2. MailChimp
  3. Constant Contact

2. Update and Verify Your Database

It is better to update and verify the existing contacts to make sure that the clients are actually able to receive your emails. The problem is, with the passage of time, people move from one email to the other depending on their preferences (shift from Outlook to Gmail, Yahoo! to Hotmail etc.). For this purpose, I recommend using any of these three services:

  1. Jigsaw
  2. StrikeIron
  3. D&B

3. Encourage Recipients to Opt-In for Future Emails

This is highly important because email marking can generate good results only if more and more recipients opt-in “receive future emails from this contact”. The million dollar question is “How to encourage the recipients for the action?”

  • Include the opt-in link in the inquiry form.
  • Use an opt-in link, seeking confirmation from the clients about the participation in the surveys.
  • Use newsletter signup form on the webpage. (The trick is to keep the form as simple as it can be) 

4. Be Clear about the Objective

Do not try to pour emails to the recipient’s inbox without knowing the marketing or promotional objective. Make sure that you understand the purpose of each email that you are going to spread. Some of the main objectives can be;

  • Increasing the number of visitors to a webpage or a blog
  • Lead qualification for an earlier information
  • Promotion of the business (product/service/brand)

5. Keep it Simple

The simple design mostly encourages the recipients to have a look at it. The information must be well organized, fewer words, nice infographics, use of bullets instead of long sentences or paragraphs and the design element should focus on the most important part which you want the recipient to focus on. This important part could be the call to action graphics.

These are the most important aspects necessary for newbies to consider for their email marketing plans to generate the desired results. There are a number of in-depth factors and details, but it is better to keep things simple in the beginning, run a couple of test campaigns and then learn with your experience. I hope, now you shall a better idea of what email marketing is all about. Thanks for reading!

answered 6 months ago

All good emails should have a call-to-action in them. There’s simply no better way to attract clicks. Here’s the rule of thumb you have to remember when writing an email with a call to action in it…
The only purpose of the email is to get the click…
And the only purpose of the Call to Action is to usher your prospects through to the next phase.
That’s it! Always make sure of this: your email should have one purpose and one purpose only.
You can use multiple CTAs spread throughout your email, but make sure it all pertains to the same outcome you want, not sending them off in multiple and different directions.
We keep seeing clients putting so much pressure on themselves and by extension their readers – which drives them to unsubscribe – because they are piling in too much on the plate.
Remember, slow and steady wins the race, and if you want to craft a kickass call to action that gets the click-through, you need to keep it simple!
You aren’t trying to sell them, you are simply trying to prompt them to take the next step.
So the general rule of thumb to crafting a kickass call to action that prompts massive action is to use the following formula:
Relevance + Opportunity + Urgency + Command = Click through
Remember that if you want your Call to action to convert.
The copy of your email will handle the relevance by sharing some valuable information on your niche as you normally would in your other emails…
Then, you reveal a unique opportunity that didn’t previously exist, for them to find out more about this topic they’re already interested in (since they’ve spent 2 minutes reading the first half of your email).
Finally, you throw in urgency followed by a specific command.
Say for example, you want them to get to the landing page of an affiliate offer, you can use something like:
“[Relevant information]… If you find want to double your sales, you need to check out my friend Dan’s new sales technique! But make sure you do it right away – he’s taking it down in 48 hours.
>>Check it out now!<<”
See how simple that was?
A kickass call to action that gets clicks is one that urges them to take action now on something they are interested in. Not to sell them on it – that’s what your sales page is for – but just to get them interested enough to click and see what’s on the other side.
If you can understand that, it takes a lot of pressure of your shoulders and you can craft more targeted and powerful call to actions that drive traffic like crazy!
Try this formula out and see the insane results for yourself.
Don’t say we didn’t warn you!
Best regards, team

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