Getting very less Inboxing and open rate while sending emails?

All QuestionsCategory: Email MarketingGetting very less Inboxing and open rate while sending emails?
asked 9 months ago

I am sending email via GetResponse email marketing and not getting much in-boxing with there solution, Is there any way we can improve inboxing ?

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answered 2 months ago

This is the most common issue with email marketing. There are several points you should consider to increase inbox and open rate.

1. You should make sure that the IP address from which your emails are being relayed is not blacklisted and has good reputation.

2. The email list to which you are sending mass email, must be verified. You may have invalid/incorrect/disposable email addresses which are increasing open rate. There are lots of tools in market to verify the email list. Take a look at: “Top 10 Bulk Email Verification and Validation Services Compared” – the most trending and useful blog on the best 10 bulk email verification and validation service providers. Most of the providers offer free trial service. You can test the performance before purchasing the services.

3. The subject line of your email must be most relevant and eye caching. If you do not have an interesting subject line, the recipients are not even going to open your email.

4. Make sure that you are sending emails to relevant audience.

answered 9 months ago

Hello, friends! First of all, I must clarify that the problem is not about the Email Marketing service provider. Not being able to achieve high open rates is primarily because of a few main issues that are in your own hand. In other words, I shall not suggest trying different email marketing services. If you take care of a few easy, minor yet vital factors, you can, of course, improve in boxing in a matter of days. Without wasting further time, let’s come to the point. So here is how you can improve in boxing by concentrating on the following factors.

1. Subscriber Qualification

Make sure that you finalize the email list, only after qualifying the relevant recipients (who really are concerned with the content of the message). To make things easier for you, I would like to suggest lead magnet. You need to avoid sending random emails to everybody on the list because if you do it repeatedly, your clients are likely to unsubscribe. Subscriber qualification will enable you to send the relevant emails to the suitable clients who are interested in your message/offer/product or promotion.

2. List Segmentation

After the first step, that is subscriber qualification, you need to further filter the clients in the list. Simply divide the list into different segments. For an effective segmentation, you must know your client’s history, preferences, and location. Once you are aware of your clients well enough only then you can properly work on effective segmentation.

3. Time it to Perfection

Another important tip for you is about the selection of the time for sending emails. You must not try sending emails without any set time schedule. Timing is crucial to generating desirable results of email marketing. It is better to send the emails during the following slots;

  • From 8:30 to 10:00 in the morning
  • From 14:30 to 15:30
  • From 20:00 to 00:00

During the time outside the above-mentioned slots, your clients are more likely to delete the emails and your email could well go to the deleted folder without being noticed or opened.

4. Direct Subject Line

I suggest you to use a direct subject line for the email. It is highly suggestive and it gives a clear hint of what is inside the email. If the subject line is effective, your client is more likely to check it out.

5. Curiosity

Curiosity is also a good tool for you to provoke your recipients. Let me help via an example; “Can’t believe, but it is true…” is the subject line that contains the element of curiosity. You need to use such subject line that forces the client to anticipate something.


(You must consider the type of your business, before selecting a Direct Subject Line or a Curiosity based subject line).

6. Clearing the Spam Filter

In the end, you need to work on the most important task which is how to clear the spam filter? Your email has to pass through spam filters in order to catch the sight of your clients.  For this purpose, first of all, you must not use such keywords that are identified as spam. Another mistake you must avoid is the use of signs of exclamation. Also, it is not wise to opt for ALL CAPS.

answered 6 months ago

Well, it may be the case of your mails going to the SPAM folder. It may be because It depends on your own IP reputation. Also, it could be that GetResponse’s reputation is tarnished, leading to your problems.

From our customer experience, and I’m talking about a specific case, they said they got better open-rates when using, when comparing with an other extremely popular ESP who’s name I won’t mention.

answered 4 months ago

Most likely this happends because of the spam traps. There are a lot of methods to detect and remove spam traps. One – no cost- method (only if you have a small email list) is to manually check your contacts and remove spam traps (they typically won’t behave like an engaged subscriber), but this method are not 100% accurate. Another method is running a campaign that asks existing subscribers to reconfirm their sign-ups. Also, this method is not 100% and it costs. The most efficient way is to get a third party solution like zerobounce. I used their service to clean my 80k subscribers list and it’s very cost-effective. Depending on the size of your list, they have a variety of prices. I would suggest to get the free trial for 100 contacts to test it.

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