I don’t want to manage revenue analytics manually. Can any software automatically manage the same?
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I regularly use Stripe payment gateway for collecting online payments for my subscription based products. In the initial stages, we had a team that managed all the payment related details manual with ease.
But the problem started when my business grew … (more)

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How can I use Contact Form on my website to grow my email list?
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A contact form on a website is a vital source of information as it helps the users to forward their queries, product-related doubts, price inquiries and other questions to you.
And I personally consider contact forms as one of the best … (more)

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What is the best way to write outbound sales emails?
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We get enormous amounts of outbound emails on daily basis and there are various reason why they don’t get opened.
The emails that are rejected or marked as spam at the first look are those having very generic headings, no proper … (more)

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Tell me some of the best email tracking tool to keep an eye on email deliverability?
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Email tracking is a process which eliminates guesswork and helps you monitor various email campaigns.
It also allows the sender to have a look whether the receiver has actually received the email, or if he/she has clicked the links mentioned … (more)

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Does sending video emails are better than the text emails?
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Yes, that’s very true, it totally depends on who is your target audience.
Short and witty video emails attract the attention of most of the younger audience as well as other regular users. But they are not that effective when compared … (more)

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I would like to send Recurring Billing & Subscription Management emails to my clients, which SMTP should I use.
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If you are planning to send subscription invoices, recurring bills and other transaction details to your customer via emails, then there are many subscription management softwares that allow other software integrations like MailGet, Mailchimp, Aweber and more  
But if you … (more)

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I want to manage subscription that takes place at my business, along with this I would also like to know an effective email marketing tool.
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If you are planning to get a subscription management solution for your business then, I would like to suggest some software which I have personally test used and integrated into our organization.


And for email marketing tool I will strongly suggest … (more)

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Best Email List Cleaning and Verification Service?
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Some of the Email List Cleaning services which I have personally used and got satisfied with their services and accuracy are MailGet Quick Email Verification as these are the services which helped me overcome the spam trap problem.

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Looking for a service by which I can create multiple subscription plans & packages for my email marketing software?
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If you are looking for a tool which can create and manage different subscription plans for your email marketing or any other products and services.
Then, I would suggest that you should opt for a good subscription management software or recurring billing … (more)

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How can I reduce the number of unsubscribers to get a rise in email marketing?
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Mr. Danas Kurlavičius I have tried A/B testing. But that didn't help me a lot, it only gave a minor increment. Can you suggest anything other than this? Which can be helpful for my email campaigns.

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