What pains you about email marketing?
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Most people think that email marketing is just sending emails with some commercial message and call to action such as Buy it now.
Well, this was before, now people call it spam.
Nowadays, email marketing is a part of the whole digital … (more)

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I am preparing a template to send a marketing email to this list. Do I need to take any pre-caution?
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Before everything, use a spam testing tool such as Glock App https://glockapps.com/ There is a free subscription to test 2-3 email marketing campaigns.

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Is there any affordable email marketing service provider?
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You can check the features of Beetle Eye.
It is more than just an email marketing platform because there are many CRM functionalities and lead generation tools.

It is affordable because you can choose a subscription monthly plan tailored to your needs.
Some … (more)

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