Is there any software I can use to manage my failed transactions?
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Without a doubt, I recommend you try Our SaaS business ( currently use them for analytic and seeing our total monthly recurring revenue + seeing all the failed transactions. They have a feature that automatically contact the customer requesting an … (more)

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Best accounting software for Saas startup
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I’m not entire sold on ChargeBee in particular because they charge a percentage on TOP of stripe. They really just use Stripe as the payment gateway. If I may recommend, the native dashboard for both Stripe and Braintree are sophisticated … (more)

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Any tool that handles one time & recurring payments?
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We run a SaaS subscription business that actually requires us to both process one time payments and monthly subscription plans. We use a combination of just the Stripe dashboard and Bare Metrics ( It’s a solid platform that gives us … (more)

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What pains you about email marketing?
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@Daniel, funny you asked. Because I’m also new to the forum and currently looking up solutions to some of my email marketing problems. Below are the issues I’m having with.

Creating “Quality” content people want to read. I can create content, … (more)

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