Require a Charter Email ID
answered 3 years ago • is acquired by Spectrum. You will need to reach out to them for getting the email ID setup. If I understand correctly how their system works, they allow you to access from some limited regions and ISPs. For example … (more)

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Does subscription billing helps in growing the business?
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Of course it does. Subscriptions are like revenue guarantees. Even if you assume only 80-85% of your subscribers will stick around longer than 3 months, you can build a stronger employee base and spend more on marketing to develop your … (more)

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What is the alternate option of Bluehost Web Hosting Service and why?
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There’s lots of good web hosting companies out there. Godaddy, Hostgator, Bigrock – they’re all pretty good.
I would suggest hostgator since I’ve seen good service from them. Bigrock can become expensive if you have multiple domains.
If you’re using your hosting … (more)

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What is the best unpaid bulk email verifier software?
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Most free verification tools will check only 3-4 parameters for their validation process. This actually increases your risk as you’ll then send emails to spamtraps or domains that don’t provide a good verification mechanism.
There’s some php based scripts you can … (more)

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Searching for a software that provides a customer portal for SaaS business.
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If your software doesn’t have a customer portal, it’s not a complete SaaS software…. I mean that’s the whole point of software a a service.
Ideally your SaaS platform should include:

Core functionality (i.e. whatever your software does)
Billing functionality (ability to accept … (more)

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I’ve recently started getting sales for my business & it’s increasing day by day. But, now I’m unable to manage my customer details, invoicing & product info. How to overcome? Any suggestions?
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I would strongly suggest using a CRM tool of some sort. In our case we always make it a point to construct the tools around Wherrelz CRM (our internal use CRM) – which makes it easier to track:

Prospects (people who … (more)

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How Godaddy is Giving So Damn Cheap Domain Names ?
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If you feel Godaddy’s domains are cheap, you’re seriously negligent in reading the fine print!

Domains are discounted ONLY for the first year
On some domains, the discount ONLY applies if you’re registering for 2 years (i.e. 1st year discounted, 2nd year … (more)

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Hello guys, I have an old email list (80k subscribers) and I want to reactivate it. To avoid hard bounces, I decided to use Zerobounce email validation platform.Do you think this is the best option in terms of performance and cost?
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@WooFresh Admin – thanks for your question. We continuously add 50-60K emails every few days to our list; I mentioned somewhere that we email out ~8mil list across all our lists.
I don’t scrub everything on mailmule – but to answer … (more)

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Best Transactional Email Sending Services and Why?
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Simple! Amazon’s SES is the best when it comes to this. I say this from experience – we send out 8+mil emails a month to our subsciber base and use Amazon’s SES for a smooth guaranteed inbox delivery.
Just be careful … (more)

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Amazon SES – Cost Effective Email Service
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I’ve been using MailMule‘s hosted Sendy service for exactly this type of situation. You can always look at taking Sendy directly (in which case hosting etc you will need to take care of).
There’s very few high quality tools that tie-in … (more)

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