How to check IP reputation?
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The best tool to check IP blacklisting is
It checks with many sites and shows you the result very fast. As an email marketing service provider, I use this site to keep my IPs monitoring.
Other is mxtoolbox which is also good but … (more)

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Best Email List Cleaning and Verification Service?
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Nowadays there are many email validation service providers available. But if you think are they really good for your ROI? As most of them charge a fortune to cleanup emails. But there is a cheap solution available which we are … (more)

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I have to send emails in bulk. Can anyone suggest me a high speed delivery SMTP server?
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Did you check for bulk email service They have many plans and servers. You can check their plans and they seem affordable too. We are using servers for our marketing emails and they are performing flawlessly. They have SMTP, VPS … (more)

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Hello guys, I have an old email list (80k subscribers) and I want to reactivate it. To avoid hard bounces, I decided to use Zerobounce email validation platform.Do you think this is the best option in terms of performance and cost?
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There are may email validation services. As per my view zerobounce is a quite costly service. I am using for bulk email validation since 2010 and they are awesome. Also the cheapest solution I could find for the email verification.
PS. … (more)

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