What you do to store credit card details of recurring subscriptions for any Payment gateway issues
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I recommend you always use a gateway agnostic provider (who is PCI DSS compliant) to vault your cardholder data.  That way you can move from provider to provider as you wish.  And you can sleep well at night.  If I … (more)

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2CheckOut Closed My account – Lost All My Recurring Payments
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Sorry to hear that.  Let me reassure you that you are not alone.  That’s why I strongly advocate for people to use an agnostic service that will vault their cardholder data (before a disaster happens).
After a disaster happens, there are … (more)

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Does the free trial of the subscription billing software will be helpful in the conversion?
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Free trials are often helpful, because there is a lower barrier to try it.  However, it depends on the kind of product you have. When in doubt, try it out.

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Is there any software I can use to manage my failed transactions?
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Simple, but not easy…  Our system was based on analyzing tens of millions of customer transactions.

What is the reason the transaction was declined?  (eg., insufficient funds)
When is a smart time to retry it?  (eg., based on data, customers with similar … (more)

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Tools for collecting subscription billing & recurring payment solution.
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I founded Rebilly.  Our focus is helping our clients get the most profit possible from every single customer.
When done right, your subscription software should have a good return on investment.  For example, relative to Stripe or other single-processor solutions, you … (more)

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Does subscription billing software allow 3rd party integrations?
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It depends on the 3rd party integrations you are referring to.  There are using components closed to 3rd party integrations, and other components open to it.
For example, I’m the founder of Rebilly, and we have both an API and webhooks.
We are … (more)

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