Hello guys, I have an old email list (80k subscribers) and I want to reactivate it. To avoid hard bounces, I decided to use Zerobounce email validation platform.Do you think this is the best option in terms of performance and cost?
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Based on my experience, Zerobounce is not an affordable and cost-effective option. There are other fast and affordable services. I would like to ask you to check DeBounce. I am doing that because they have more than 900 positive reviews … (more)

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Can anyone teach me email marketing from start to end?
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Say no to struggling every time when doing your homework! Take it easy with WritePaperFor.Me.

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Will email marketing work in India?
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Email marketing is a must do marketing strategy which every business avenue should try ; be it b2b or b2c. If done properly with the right drip being set it has a highest roi of upto 400% . Some basic … (more)

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Where can I learn SEO?
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There are Many Ways you can Learn SEO with free Of cost, here I'm Sharing Some of the Important Point where you can easily get learn SEO: #1. BlackhatWorld #2. Moz.com and last is no other then #3. Google

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my new lorem ipusam question
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“On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled and demoralized by the charms of pleasure of the moment, so blinded by desire, that they cannot foresee the pain and trouble that are … (more)

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Where can I get bulk email listing?
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If you have to extract the bulk email address for business purposes then you can completely rely on third-party utility i.e. Stillbon Lead Extractor. This utility offers the users to extract the data from any search engine. It has a … (more)

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What is the best Email marketing companies in Hyderabad?
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Email Extractor is the best tool for Email Marketing process. It offers the users to extract the contact details of the business leads based on the targeted locations and keywords. It helps in lead generation process to find the potential … (more)

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Is there any provider who offers free bulk email list cleaning?
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You can search and there are a few providers offering free trials and bulk email verification service. I would recommend trying Bulk Mail Verifier 
Get 1000 free email verification credits. Accuracy is amazing, you get yahoo, Microsoft, Gmail, and aol with … (more)

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Which one is best among Recurly & Rebilly?
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Hi @jassie
If you are still looking for alternatives or considering changing your recurring billing software, why don’t you try ReliaBills? You can use them for FREE and no credit card required. And for more features, you can just optionally upgrade … (more)

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CRM for Small Businesses
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There are many CRM software.
Honestly, I want you to not only for a CRM but also for a knowledge management software.
CRM has only basic Knowledgebase but Knowledge management had more and expanded capabilities tools to level your customer experience at … (more)

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