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 By using subscription billing software you can manage the earned and deferred revenue as it gives analytic report where you are able to see - how much revenue has been earned? how much of money still in the deferred account? So, you can take an informed decision for the business and improve the business performance. Besides this, you can also compare your revenue with previous month or year, so you can analyze how your business is performing. I am going to share the list of the subscription billing software which helps you to manage the business efficiently. Pabbly Subscriptions Recurly Zoho Subscriptions Wallee Chargebee Rebilly
 Yes, subscription billing software allowed 3rd party integrations. Nowadays people are looking for a way with which they can streamline their work, so they look for a tool which can be integrated with existing service and offering third-party integrations is the best idea to do the same. Here is the list of the subscription billing software which provides 3rd party integrations:- Pabbly Subscriptions Recurly Chargify Wallee Chargebee Some of the subscription software provides you the API key through which you can integrate your desired service. Just you have to use that API key & paste it into the appropriate field to use this feature.
 Hey Emilia, I would Highly recommend Pabbly Subscriptions. I am also running a subscription-based business :) For my business, I have been using Pabbly Subscriptions - Recurring Billing & Subscription Management Software for 6 months, and it automates the entire subscription lifecycle.   I have tried & tested a few different billing software also, but I found Pabbly Subscriptions is the best among them. It manages all my one-time and recurring payments, customer communication, generates invoices, failed transactions and much more. If this helped, don’t forget to leave an upvote so this answer reaches more readers like you!
 Hey, you have not mentioned in the question which type of business you have. Please, let me know which type of products or services you are selling. According to which I can suggest a suitable software for you.   
 I don’t think there is any subscription management software which is completely free, but yes there is some billing software that is pocket-friendly. I found a blog which I want to share with you:- Cheapest Recurring Billing SoftwareThe blog compiled cheap subscription management software that will help you to choose the right service for your business within the budget. I hope this helps you.
 Yes, subscription billing software allows you to create coupons & discounts for the customer. Giving discounts on purchases is the best way to grab the attention of the customer. Because people prefer buying things on discounts, so discounts play an important role to attract more people to your store. With subscription billing software, SAAS businessmen can also create the number of coupons to offer seasonal discounts to their customer for certain amount of days and increase their website's traffic. Here is the list of software with which you can design some eye-grabbing discount & coupons for your customers-:Pabbly Subscriptions Recurly Wallee Chargebee Chargify
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