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Who Uses This Software? Anyone who needs to keep in touch through video conferencing can use Skype. Businesses can buy Skype for Business which is loaded with necessary features to facilitate communication between large groups.

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Skype is old and popular video conferencing software. It offers free video calls for all who download and install the app. It also has a facility for voice calls, but for these you have to pay. To call a landline or a mobile, you need to buy Skype minutes.

The software works with Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux and all common operating systems. It can be used for business and personal communication. Each video chat can accommodate up to 50 participants.

Skype has a screen sharing feature, and participants can share notes, projects and even PowerPoint presentations. This software is quite popular in classrooms and for e-learning.

To initiate a video chat, just send an invite link to everyone who should attend. When they click on it they'll have instant access. To minimize distractions, you can maximize screen size and blur the background.

Skype integrates with other Microsoft software, as well as common business apps.


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