What are the most effective ways of collecting leads?

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asked 4 months ago

I’ve been collecting leads from subscription form but looking for some other and more effective ways. How can I do that?

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answered 3 months ago

Probably nowadays the most popular for leads is Giveaways or Bonus for free, i.e.

ebooks, slides, templates, tips&tricks, etc. Offer to people what they really want, drive traffic to those offer pages and collect relevant leads for each and every download. Moreover, if you would implement “recommend to a friend” feature, that can increase number of leads by 30-40%.


Of course, offer something relevant with your theme and always be crystal clear where you going to use their emails or phone numbers. Don’t ever try to hide company name, or even worse – to lie about it. You’ll be blocked as spammer immediately.

good luck!

answered 3 months ago

Try Atomic Email Extractor for it. I was pretty satisfied with it’s functionality and simplicity.

answered 3 months ago

Hey @Raymond,

Thank you for this piece of information…

I’ll surely try all these tips.
This time I’m going to try Giveaways for lead collection.

Thanks again man 🙂

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