Is there any email marketing service which allows sending emails with multiple SMTPs at one go?

All QuestionsCategory: QuestionsIs there any email marketing service which allows sending emails with multiple SMTPs at one go?
asked 4 months ago

Right now, I’m using Amazon SES for sending emails but always worried about getting blacklisted.

Is there any way by which I can send the bulk of emails at the same time with multiple SMTPs?

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answered 4 months ago


I was hunting for the same thing previously and got the solution from WooFresh only.

There’s a technique called SMTP Routing by which you can connect multiple SMTP’s at the same time and start sending emails.

– It increases the email sending process X3 times as multiple servers are sending emails at the same time.

– Helps in delivering your message straight to the customer’s inbox and protect your domain from various ISP’s security services

– If any single server blocked you then there is no concern as other servers are still working for you 🙂

– No restriction on bulk emailing.

I’ve been using MailGet for a long time and didn’t lag anywhere. It allows me to run numerous SMTP servers simultaneously. Only integration process is little hectic but their support team is really awesome. They guide on every step.

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