I want to create an email signature for sending emails via Gmail or Hotmail? How can I do that?

All QuestionsCategory: Email MarketingI want to create an email signature for sending emails via Gmail or Hotmail? How can I do that?
asked 6 months ago

I there any way to create a professional email signature that I can use in my Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail when sending emails?

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answered 6 months ago

Hey, You can create email signature through https://www.formget.com/html-email-signature-generator/ with a simple procedure in which each section is described clearly so that even beginners can create their email signature easily.

This will help you to build a professional as well as non-professional email signature for any email service providers.

answered 5 months ago

Hi, we offer a solution called Crossware Mail Signature which is designed for super flexible email signatures and branding for professionals.

You can basically take full control of your signatures, if you’re using Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange. It allows you to have centralised control from a webapp and signatures are applied automatically in the cloud when you send each email.

My favourite feature is the rules builder which allows you to build any number of simple / complex rules, e.g. set an ad banner to appear for 2 weeks then swap for another, set your office location depending on who is sending the email.

Check out our features here: (we’ve also just added signatures in sent items functionality and local signatures so you can view in your inbox) – http://www.crossware.co.nz/features/

Also there’s a free 30 day trial if your organisation would like to take it for a spin 🙂

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