Does conversion rate alters by "opt-in email address"?

All QuestionsCategory: Email MarketingDoes conversion rate alters by "opt-in email address"?
asked 6 months ago

Does conversion rate alters by “opt-in email address”?

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answered 5 months ago

Yes, of course, You need “opt-in email form” to augment your email list, as the maximum audience will be able to communicate with an opt-in form. Before moving to the advantages of an opt-in list, you need to know whether your customers are using single or double opt-in form.

Single- opt-in: Users will be immediately added to your email list after subscription. Eventually, losing less number of email address from single-opt-in.

Double-opt-in: Users will be added to your email list only after they re-confirm their signup through link or button. So that, you get quality list.

You can choose one of the opt-in lists according to your need as both can alter the conversion rate. Click here to get the best opt-in form email marketing services.

answered 3 months ago

Yes, double opt-in forms have higher conversion rates than single opt-in forms. So you should use double opt-in forms most of the time.

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