Can we use OVH servers for sending bulk emails?

All QuestionsCategory: QuestionsCan we use OVH servers for sending bulk emails?
asked 3 weeks ago

We want send bulk emails can we use OVH server for it. Is there any limitations if we use OVH server?

2 Answers
answered 2 weeks ago

You can use. But they have strict rule against Spam. They have their own Spam scanning software which will automatically block the IP when spam is found.

answered 1 week ago

I’ve heard that most of the servers have a sending limit of 250 emails per hour. Can you tell me what’s the limit of email sending does OVH server offer?

And, before sending emails I always clean my email list but now am little worried as you said @Amit that they have their own spam detecting software.

How can I assure that they’ll not block my IP after using proper list hygiene method?

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