What are the different and effective ways of building an email list?

All QuestionsCategory: Email MarketingWhat are the different and effective ways of building an email list?
asked 7 months ago

Does anyone have any idea about some free methods for building an email list?

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answered 4 weeks ago

The best way to build an email list

  1. Create a new lead gen offer
  2. Create a free, online tool, or resource and have users sign up with their email address.
  3. Promote one of your lead-gen offers on Social Media
  4. Encourage your current email subscribers to share and forward your email
  5. Promote an online contest with email signups
  6. Link to offers that capture email signups throughout your website.
  7. Host an online Webinar

There are many other way to keep building your email list but some times by mistake user may input incorrect email address so for that you can use service of Bulk Email Verification and Validation Service Provider as they give API which can verify an email address as the user enters details. This will help you to have a clean email list.


answered 6 months ago

Well, the most logical way would be to create a reason for people to wait for your content. Maybe your content is humorous, easy-to-read, provides a really in-depth view into something, or for other reasons.
Even if you are sending a promotional newsletter, a person has to know what to expect from you, no surprises. Maybe you are sending offers, vouchers via email only? Put a disclaimer on your page then so that people would have more reasons to subscribe. Be creative!
There are many different ways to grow your email list for different industries. If you have any questions, head to our blog – you should find your answers there!
If you have additional questions, contact the live support on our site!

answered 4 months ago

I think the best way is through engaging content. Whether it’s a blog or a website you have to write a lot and keep your content upgraded. By engaging content, I refer to quality content or even games, contests, giveaways …

So, after you create a great content make sure your users can subscribe  to you (i strongly recommend double opt-in) in order to recieve new posts, updates or to sign up to your contest etc. Don’t use pop-up forms because users  don’t digest very well this kind of things. So, put your form inside the page, at the end of the page, after the user has consumed the content. Or, you can add a button in first screen ( a call to action) that drives the user to the sign-up form.

Many users sign up with a fake email address, so you have to check your list and remove invalid emails.
There are many free and paid softwares and platforms that can do this for you, but i don’t recommend using free ones because are not 100% accurate and are less well developed (in terms of API) then paid services.
I’m currently using zerobounce (the 150$ package for 100k emails), and i think it’s worth the money invested. It’s very simply to use and provides a lot information about my campaign.
With this platform you can remove invalid emails from your list to prevent email bounces from ruining your deliverability, remove known email complainers and spam traps from your list, and append missing data (like location, gender, etc..).
If you want to test it, you can get the free trial to check 100 emails.

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